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Useful Features That Help Optimize the Functioning of Uber for Handyman Applications

It has become common to see online services being carried out through mobile apps. Business owners have understood the importance of mobile apps as an effective platform to optimize their business operations and reap revenues. Owning a Handyman app like Uber is a good idea for optimizing an existing on-demand service business and that too during the grim pandemic times like now. Here we’ll see the various features that must be integrated into the app during the process of Handyman app development. This is because the key to a successful Handyman clone lies in how impressive and beneficial its features are to every user including the customer, the service provider, and the admin.

There are three modules in the Uber for Handyman app solution: the Customer app, the Handyman app, and the Admin app. We will look at each of the module’s features in detail.

Important Features of the Customer App

  • Secure Login

Login security is emphasized when using the app to ensure that only authorized people get access to the given Uber for Handyman app account. Registering and logging in with the help of social media accounts is much safer and speedier, completing the access instantly. This secure login also applies to the Handyman app and the admin panel.

  • Service Search and Booker

This feature allows the user base to search for a Handyman related to their requirements. Various filters are applied to refine the search so that the user can precisely find the best service provider. The appointments and service requests can be booked immediately or scheduled for a later time based on availability. In this way, collapse-free services are ascertained.

  • Handyman Detailer

This helpful feature will give a detailed insight about the Handyman professionals by providing details like name, professional service specifications, contact details, and ratings/reviews about the service provider.

  • Real-time Tracker of the Handyman

For every Uber for Handyman app, there should be a GPS integrated tracker that helps to show the user the real-time location of the service provider. The tracker will also provide information about the service provider’s estimated arrival time.

  • Selecting Favorite Handyman

Based on the impressive services and immense satisfaction from the previous booking, the customer base can use this innovative feature to book the same service provider.

  • Payment Modules

The service charge-related invoice is created once the service providers update their work status. The cost is calculated based on the service provider’s fare, time taken, and resources used. With the help of the Handyman app like Uber, customers can pay for the service charge through several means ranging from cash payment, debit/credit cards, net banking, and e-wallets in a relatively straightforward and secure way. It is ensured that there is no need to add bank details again needlessly through the Handyman app like Uber.

  • Customer Feedback

Based on the services provided, the customers can choose to rate the services and upload valuable feedback that will come to the admin’s attention to understand each service provider’s related performance better.

Important Features of the Handyman App

  • Profile Manager

A prominent feature that has to be implemented during Handyman app development without fail is the feature that helps the service provider to create their profile. Data related to service specifications, the services handled, and experience should be mandatorily uploaded in the form of supporting documents into the Uber for Handyman app. This way, the admin will find it convenient to verify the information in detail.

  • Handyman Availability Toggler

The toggle feature in a Handyman clone is used to help the Handyman switch from availability mode to unavailability mode and vice versa. This way, the service provider can work based on preference whenever needed.

  • Service Request Handler

When a new customer request is initiated, the Handyman will be immediately notified through this feature about the service, the location, and the customer’s contact details.

Based on preference, the service provider can accept or reject the request. Every time a service provider accepts a request, SMS and Email verification is performed. When the customer posts a booking request, the service provider can complete all of their required services within the given time and get prepared for the new service request. Service providers are also offered the liberty to plan all the service requests they accept to optimize their work and provide only the best results.

  • Instant Chat/Call

Once a given service request is accepted, the Handyman and the customer can connect and communicate easily. Call-masking for safeguarded privacy is implemented as a must during Handyman app development.

  • Service History Archiver

The archiver is a feature that helps in archiving the total services handled, which includes the services that are completed and rated with feedback. The details are organized neatly so that everything is easily accessible and understandable at a moment’s glance. The payment details for each service, whether completed or pending, are also accessible.

Important Features of the Admin Panel

  • Handyman Validator

When it comes to the Uber for Handyman apps, the admin must thoroughly verify every document that the service providers upload. By using this feature, the admin can carefully verify everything related to ensuring their skills, qualifications, and experience in a given service field. Background checks can also be done with the help of this feature.

  • Handyman Notifier

Whenever a new service request gets initiated, this feature will help admins by notifying the service providers so that they can be mapped with the customer base for the services.

  • Pay Record Archiver

All the payment collections made by a Handyman during service are digitally archived securely for future access. Every payment detail, from the commission deducted from the service payment to the invoice and payment modes used, is also archived for future reference.

  • Handyman Record Archiver

In every Handyman app like Uber solution, a feature allowing the admin to manage the service providers seamlessly is a must. This way, each profile can be accessed for reference. Essential details like service orders, service types, completed services, duration, ratings, etc. can be viewed for more profound insight. In this way, everything related to the completed services is stored for view anytime.

The entire history can also be downloaded as sheets and analyzed whenever needed. Based on an intense analysis of the user reviews, it will be easy to select the best service providers in the future and credit them for their quality-oriented services or take action against those offering poor services.

Concluding Lines

When dealing with Handyman app development, integrating all the features mentioned above into the Handyman clone assures that the on-demand service application is guaranteed to get popular and very lucrative. Due to the ongoing pandemic, implementing smartly developed safety precautions into the Handyman app like the Uber solution will help boost the business’s reputation. By this, the business owner is clearly stating that the safety of the customers, the service providers, and everyone involved is the number one priority. Using features that ensure that the service providers, along with the customers, are compulsorily wearing masks during service and using gloves and sanitizers can help boost confidence and break the virus transmission flow. 

Get in touch with a reliable Handyman app development company today and ensure that all the features mentioned above are included in your Handyman clone for better profits and success as an on-demand business owner.

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