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Vinyl panels are the better choice even if the FRP pricing is lower

Author Bio – Jenny Lawson was looking for wall paneling for her commercial space. She found the low FRP costs lucrative yet decided to go for vinyl panels. Jane was aware that initially, FRP pricing was lower, but the maintenance is a financial burden. She ordered customized panels from Duramax and was delighted with the quality and professionalism of the experts.

Did you know that the commercial and industrial sectors require quality wall cladding to keep the interiors well-insulated and moisture-free? Although the FRP cost is much lesser, it would still be a wise choice to install vinyl panels in any case. The low FRP pricing should not be the determining factor for choosing wall paneling. Rather consider durability, strength, resilience, and easy maintenance the deciding factor for installing wall panels. Vinyl is the ideal material for covering walls and ceilings from damage. For numerous reasons, the high-end vinyl panels are certainly a better choice than FRP.

Vinyl panels are more durable 

Although FRP costs might be lower, the vinyl panels are more durable. The longevity of the vinyl panels adds to the cost-effective attributes, which makes PVC score over FRP. The high-end vinyl panels made from virgin material last for 40 to 50 years without the need for repairs, replacing, repainting, and refinishing. Initially, the vinyl panels might look pricey, but the wallboard is a cost-effective choice in the long run because of its longevity and low maintenance attributes. On the other hand, the FRP wall panels are cheaper than vinyl but are more susceptible to repairs, replacements, and repainting. The heavy-duty maintenance and constant repair work make the FRP panels an expensive choice. In addition, the durability of FRP panels is limited and requires professional upkeep making them more overpriced in the long run.

Vinyl panels are 100% waterproof 

Low FRP pricing might look enticing and affordable, but the wall material cannot offer 100% water resistance. The FRP panels have wooden backers that can absorb moisture and weaken the wallboard over time. The excessive moisture absorption destroys the panels resulting in damp walls and ceilings. Installing vinyl panels is essential to stop the walls from getting damp and damaged. The high-quality wall panels made from virgin material are highly resistant to moisture and water vapor. The waterproof panels have a non-porous surface that drips off the moisture rather than absorbing it. Vinyl panels have no wooden backers or external hardware that might attract vapor and weaken the wallboard over time.

Vinyl panels are easier to install 

If you plan to install FRP panels, then keeping the business shut for two days minimally is essential? FRP panels take 48 hours to install and are an arduous task requiring additional materials. Hiring skilled laborers is necessary for installing the FRP panels. On the other end, vinyl panels are easier to install within a few hours. Installing a vinyl panel is a one-person job that gets accomplished within 7 to 8 hours. You can speed up PVC panel installation by hiring two laborers and completing the job within three hours. PVC panel installation requires the shortest time and is completely hassle-free.

FRP panel is more expensive in the long run 

The FRP panels require 40% more materials and 50% additional labor than PVC during installation. Added to that, the FRP wallboard is susceptible to callbacks for repairing, repainting, and refinishing. These factors add up to the cost, making FRP panels an expensive choice for the long haul. On the other hand, PVC panels come in DIY kits at factory prices and last for long without constant callbacks. In addition, PVC panels are highly durable, sturdier than FRP, and much more affordable for the long term.

Wrapping up 

Order customized wall panels from Duramax. Commercial sectors like grow rooms, dairy farms, shipping containers, marinas, Laundromats prefer PVC panels. Get them within 2 weeks direct from the factory. Request a quote now.


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