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Virtual Reality Simulation to Identify Glaucoma Vision Disability

Impairment is any loss or abnormality in an anatomical structure or a physiological or psychological function. On the other hand, visual impairment is a loss of eyesight to a level, when usual treatment is ineffective. Glasses and medications are examples of traditional methods.

Lens opacification is kind of age-related eyesight impairment. It is a kind of cataract. Lens opacification can be congenital or acquired. That is depending on the circumstances.

  • Vision impairment affects at least 2.2 billion individuals worldwide.
  • In 2020, more than 237 million people had moderate or severe distance vision impairment.
  • More than 39 million individuals completely lost their eyesight in 2020.

What is Visual impairment in Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a vision problem that damages the eye’s optic nerve. It worsens over time and increases intraocular pressure. Glaucoma is a genetic disease that runs in families. It takes a long time to notice till later in life.

The pressure inside your eye is intraocular pressure. This pressure can injure your optic nerve. The optic nerve transmits images to the brain. If the condition to the eyes worsens, Glaucoma can result in permanent vision loss. This condition result into total blindness within a few years.

The majority of people with Glaucoma do not have any early pain symptoms.

Visit your eye doctor regularly to avoid future issues. It also ensures that Glaucoma get early recognized and treatment. Otherwise, it causes long-term vision loss.

Vision-related disability identification with Virtual reality

Diagnosis for Glaucoma is painless and quick. However, only a few people experience symptoms, making detection challenging. The majority of patients lose all or part of their vision, even before diagnosis.

America report conducted a study on 98 Glaucoma patients and 50 healthy individuals. They used five interactive VR environments. Those environments were simulating everyday activities.

Their findings suggest that VR technology is very much helpful in diagnosing Glaucoma related vision problems. Their results also reveal that vision-related impairment links lighting and task in glaucoma patients.

Virtual reality could help eye care providers better. It understands how visual impairment causes handicaps in daily life. Additionally, it could also give a new paradigm for assessing vision-related disabilities.

How does the VR vision suite work?

VR Vision Therapy Suite is a useful VR tool for keeping your eyes healthy and robust. It includes clear visual instructions for various exercises. These exercises divide into groups at random for a single session. Each set comprises fundamental techniques. These techniques ensure your eye muscles are working correctly. It should be tense relaxed as and when needed. It also helps in the diagnosis of different vision disorders such as Glaucoma.

Other Benefits of VR vision therapy

Virtual reality (VR) games for eye exercises are said to construct in such a way that they improve convergence while maintaining single, correct, and stereoscopic vision.

It is elementary to wear and perform different kinds of VR-designed vision tests.
Virtual reality thoroughly immerses the patient and increases involvement. A higher level of engagement with the treatment can result in a more positive response from the patient.
VR therapy is far more convenient and results-oriented compared to traditional practice.
The therapy customizes to the patient’s specific needs and responses, and VR headsets make traditional practices portable.


Glaucoma is undoubtedly a big challenge for eye doctors as it is hard to detect. However, Vision Suites can help with early identification. The Vision Suite, created by Cognihab, is an innovative solution for various vision problems. To explore more about same, you can visit our website Cognihab.com.

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