What are Some Tips to Prevent IP Addresses from getting Blacklisted?

When the email framework you’re using isn’t secure enough, it’s vulnerable to virus attacks. This may result in your IP address being included in a blacklist. So, how can you keep your IP address from being blacklisted? 

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A few suggestions for preventing IP addresses from being banned are provided below:

  • Use Strong Passwords

To secure your email framework, you must use strong passwords. Use a combination of lowercase letters, special characters, upper case letters, and digits to make your password more secure. This strengthens your passwords and makes them more difficult to crack for hackers and spammers.

  • Use SMTP Authentication

The acronym SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and it can be combined with an extension to protect your mailings. This authentication allows the user to inform the server that they have the authority to send and receive email through the server. It is not possible for any user to send email messages using their preferred mail server. Because 

legitimate users can only send email messages through mail servers, employing SMTP authentication will safeguard your email transfer and, as a result, your IP address.

  • IP Shield Configuration

To accept email communications from permitted sources within the user’s internal domain, the IP Shield must be customized. Moreover, configuring the IP Shield can aid protect email transfers within the user’s internal domain, avoiding IPv4 address blacklisting.

  • Enable SSL 

SSL allows users to encrypt the connection between their email client and the server. Your website will be insecure if SSL is not enabled, and it will be vulnerable to virus attacks from hackers and spammers. SSL certificates are required to ensure the security of your website, and if your site does not have SSL enabled, web browsers will designate it as insecure.

  • Configure Firewall 

To see if any machine on your network is relaying email messages, you’ll need to utilize a firewall. Set up the firewall and keep track of all outbound traffic on port 25 from all of the computers on your network.

  • Use Static IP 

Make sure your mail server has a static IP address rather than a dynamic one. If you have a dynamic IP address, it will change whenever there is a power outage. However, the DNS records will still show your old IP address. As a result, it’s critical that you use a static IP address.

  • Set Up Abuse Detection 

Mail administrators have tools at their disposal that will warn them of possible concerns before they become problems, in addition to developing rules for users. For keeping the mail server secure and off of blacklists, two options come to mind:

  • Internal Spammer Notification

 There are occasions when users attempt to send out mass emails despite the administrator’s best efforts. The majority of these attempts are legitimate. however, there are some persons who merely want to spam. Setting up a notification to go off when a sender receives a particular number of similar-sized emails in a certain amount of time can assist avoid spamming, regardless of purpose.

  • Poor SMTP Sessions

Keeping track of bad SMTP sessions might help mail administrators avoid email harvesting attacks on their servers. Harvesting attacks can expose a mail server to address harvesting, which can result in spam being sent to your users or accounts being hijacked. Neither outcome is ideal for mail administrators.

Final Words

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