What are the Benefits of HDFC Credit Card

With the technological advancement and growth in the economy use of plastic money i.e. credit cards and debit cards has increase. Today, the majority of payments for purchases made by people are done either by credit cards or debit cards. It’s so normal for people these days to carry best credit cards in India. The benefits of using credit cards are so incredible that to even ignore them. Furthermore, with a plethora of banks offering credit cards with various benefits, the process has become more clear and there is a huge assortment of choices to suit everyone’s spending needs and lifestyle.

Benefits of Having HDFC Credit Cards


There is no need to carry hefty cash along with you when you can pay with just one swipe with your card. Credit is perhaps one of the easiest ways to pay for your purchases without worrying about writing cheques or counting out change. Credit cards can be easily sync with your digital wallets, which further allows you to pay for your purchases by using the scan and pay option. Hence, there is no need to carry even credit cards along with you.

Recurring payments

While credit cards are a great option for one-time payment but you can likewise set it up to automatically make recurring payments, for example, your telephone, power, or gas bills. So, with this option one can sit back and relax without worrying about forgetting to make payments on time and then facing discontinuation of services or penalties.

Recharges and tickets

Another big benefit of using a credit card over cash is the ability to make payments for various online services. For instance, you cannot recharge your mobile phone or purchase train and flight tickets with the Cash on Delivery option. Though by using the credit card you can easily pay for them. 

Interest-free credit

A Credit Card comes with a grace period between your purchase and payment cycle (which could be up to 50 days) during which you don’t have to pay any charges to the bank. Hence, by using credit cards you can make purchases now and pay for them later on. 


For every penny spent using HDFC bank Credit Card you earn reward points. You can easily redeem these rewards for a variety of exciting gifts and vouchers for instance in purchasing your free flight tickets or free even shopping trips. 

CashBacks and discounts

HDFC credit cards offer various exciting cashback offers and reward points such as fuel surcharge waivers and various discounts on payments made using HDFC credit cards on online shopping platforms as well as on food ordering apps.

Travel in style

With HDFC Bank Credit Card your travel experience is made more pleasant as you can enjoy free access to exclusive domestic and international airport lounges, priority check-in and boarding facility, extra luggage allowance, etc. 

Expense tracker

Credit Card statements are an incredible method to track your monthly expenses and plan things accordingly. As your credit card statement provides a detail summary account of your expenditure.


One of the greatest benefits of carrying a Credit Card in India is that it’s a lot more secure option than carrying hefty amounts of cash around. You don’t have to stress over dropping the cash somewhere or having your pocket pick. In case you lose your credit card, you can contact the bank immediately and ask them to block your card.

Credit score

Using credit cards are a great way of building and improving your credit score. Many people are not aware of this, but in actual Credit Card helps in improving credit your creditworthiness. Paying all your credit card bills on time improves your credit score and if you miss making payments on time then it will have a negative impact on your score. Having a good credit score helps you to secure a loan at the time of need easily.

Now you know all the benefits of HDFC credit card. But before choosing any credit you should compare all the options available and benefits that different cards offer, using any online aggregator.

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