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What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom & Basin Taps?

Bathroom taps are a highly functional accessory, and they make bathroom interiors pleasant and complete the look of your bathroom. Infuse your personality into your bathroom with the use of colorful tapware, such as nickel, gold, rose gold, or impressive black taps.

When you work on a home or bathroom renovation project, finishing touches make all the difference. With a range of tapware styles, sizes, and shapes to consider, selecting the right bathroom basin taps can be challenging. This blog will give you insights into the different types of tapware available for baths and basins, which will help you to decide.

Here are the different types of bath and basin taps:

Wall-Mounted Basin & Bath Taps

Wall-mounted taps are mounted to the wall giving the space a customized, flawless look. Wall mount taps facilitate easy cleaning and also free up bench space.

Deck-Mounted Bath & Basin Taps

Deck-mounted taps are a popular tapware type available on the market. If you want this type of tapware, ensure to choose a bathroom basin that has sufficient space for mounting the tap at the top of the sink where the tap is mounted to the unit.

Mixer Bath & Basin Taps

With the pull of a single lever, mixer taps will combine both hot and cold water and dispense from a single spout. Mixer taps are available in both wall-mounted and deck-mounted configurations.

For family bathrooms, bath mixers are a fantastic choice. They will fill a bath to the required temperature you need, a safer alternative for children. Furthermore, you can also add a shower and increase your bathing convenience.

Separate Cold and Hot Bath & Basin Taps

Having separate taps for dispensing hot and cold water is old-style, which will suit if you’re renovating a heritage home or reviving a traditional vanity. They are also known as pillar taps, and the most sought-after pillar tap designs include lever head taps and cross-head taps.

  • Lever head taps come with a single lever that facilitates pulling sideways or upwards to dispense water.
  • Cross-head taps render conventional lines and rounded spouts for a traditional and classic look.

Monobloc Bath & Basin Mixer Tap

Monobloc basins and bath taps can be deck-mounted or mounted on a workbench projecting over a countertop basin. This type of mixer tap is available in diverse styles, such as lever handles, dual lever handles, and cross-head handles. A monobloc tap is an ideal option for single-hole basins or baths. Ideal for family households, single-lever mixer taps work the same way as bath and shower mixer taps.

Bath Filler Taps

If you want something less traditional, bath fillers are a classy alternative. The bath filler tap dispenses a mix of cold and hot water, ideal for filling a relaxing bathtub. They are excellent for controlling water flow and temperature.

Freestanding Taps

Typically, freestanding bathtubs need a floor-standing variant, such as a freestanding bath tap or a standpipe.

Here are the vital things that you need to consider before buying your brand-new bathroom basin taps:

  • Water pressure in your home will decide what type of taps will perform well.
  • Type of tap hole – check the tap holes of your basin to make sure you pick the right fittings.
  • Waste fitting type is imperative to drain water. Some popular waste fitting types include chained, flip-top, and pop-up waste.
  • Style and finish – choose taps that suit the design of your basin and bath.

The Bottom Line

There is a tap for you regardless of the style of your bathroom. Once you identify the bathroom taps and other fittings best suited for your fixtures, you’re on your way to creating your dream bathroom suite.

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