What are the elements of professional web design?

Whether you’re looking for a new website design or need an update, it’s important to follow a few guidelines to ensure your site is effective. First of all, your images should be provided by you or sourced from a reputable source. When choosing images, take note of their file types, sizes, and accessibility. Also, you need a solid visual hierarchy, which is the order of elements on the page. The hierarchy should be based on the importance of the information presented.


There are many benefits of images in web design. They can help increase the user experience, encourage social sharing, and help your business achieve its goals. Here are five reasons why images are so important for your website. Images increase engagement, trigger emotions, and build trust. They are also extremely helpful in driving traffic and sales.

Professional web design agencies know the importance of images. They use images in a way that is appropriate to each page. They use relevant styles and sizes of images to make a web page look good. Images can also help organize columns and other information. For example, a web page can have many images of the same size, so one image will fill a whole column.

Images are also important to the conversion process. These images help guide viewers to a purchase decision. For example, an image showing a satisfied customer will encourage them to make a purchase.

Visual hierarchy

If you are creating a website for a business or an organization, you need to make sure that you follow the principles of visual hierarchy. This can help your website guide your users through the website experience. For example, Netflix’s landing pages use the Z-pattern to draw users to one main call to action. The company uses other principles of visual hierarchy to ensure that users notice the call to action.

You can use the visual hierarchy to guide your audience through your website by placing the elements of your design in the proper order. The first element, which is the focus of your design, should be large. This could be your key message or your company’s logo. The next element should be smaller. Then, other elements of the design should be placed below the large element. This way, your visitor can easily see everything that you intend to convey to them. Another important principle of visual hierarchy is perspective. It is an important tool for making the right impact with your design.

Another important principle of visual hierarchy is the ability to create a simple or complex hierarchy. This principle helps you arrange elements according to their importance, ensuring that your key message reaches your audience. If your visual hierarchy doesn’t work effectively, you risk confusing your audience and making their task difficult. Fortunately, you can make use of the principles of visual hierarchy in your website to provide your users with the information they’re looking for when they’re looking for it.

Color scheme

The color scheme of a professional web design should be based on the purpose of the website. A florist, for instance, will not want a site in ocean gray and corporate blue. Similarly, a Bank of America will not want to be represented by a site in yellow-green and lilac.

Choosing the right color scheme can impact your business in many ways, so it is important to consider the industry and your company’s values when choosing a color scheme. For example, a Dutch web development company uses a triadic color scheme, where sky blue is the main color and the other colors, black, and white, play supporting roles. This color scheme helps to create a streamlined, elegant design for your website. In addition, you may also consider choosing a color scheme that is rich in connotations of nature, such as green. While this is not necessarily a good option for every site, it can be effective for certain industries.

When choosing a color scheme, you should consider your customers’ preferences. You should aim to convey a feeling of trust, confidence, and tranquility. Blue, on the other hand, is associated with trust and safety, which is a perfect choice for a website.


Readability is an important element in professional web design. The average person does not have the reading ability to understand complex text, but they are able to understand a piece of content that is well-written and easy to follow. In addition to proper grammar, web pages should use appropriate wording and be designed in a way that makes them easy to understand. A good way to achieve this goal is to use text styles that establish a hierarchy. For example, the example to the right draws the eye to the images of a Turducken sausage and a ground round meatball. The example to the left, on the other hand, has no contrast between the title, subtitle, and body text. This can be problematic.

Readability is also an important factor in usability. Most website visitors are time-constrained and have limited mental resources. As such, they want to find information as quickly as possible. Websites with well-written copy are more likely to connect with visitors and increase their conversion rates.


The navigation on a website is an important element. It should be clear and fast to load. And it should also contain only the information that a user needs to know. It should get a visitor from the home page to their intended goal in three clicks or less. The navigation should also follow the same setup as the rest of the website. It functions as a hierarchy. It is not necessary to list every page in the navigation, but it should be structured so that it is easy to navigate through the site.

The navigation can also affect the conversion rate of a website. It can increase or decrease bounce rates. Hence, it is important to consider the navigation from the consumer’s perspective. Ideally, your navigation should only contain six or fewer items, with the most important ones at the top. If you have more than ten items on your navigation, you should consider redesigning it.


One of the most important aspects of web design is the quality of content. Good content can engage your visitors and help generate leads. Visitors that read content with high quality will be more likely to stay on your website and make a purchase. In addition, good content is easier to read and provides a better user experience.

Professional web designers also factor in color psychology, accessibility, screen resolution, and typography. It’s important to explain why you chose certain color schemes, fonts, and other design elements. This is especially important for websites that cater to a wide range of users. This will ensure that your website gets the highest level of user engagement, go to the website.

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