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What Are the Fastest and the Healthiest Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

After receiving successful infertility treatment in Bangalore, many women suffer from post-pregnancy weight issues. Here are the fastest and the healthiest ways to lose weight after pregnancy.

Most new moms, after receiving successful pregnancies and infertility treatment in Bangalore, are eager to wear their old clothes. However, putting away maternity clothes isn’t a quick, hassle-free process. Most women suffer from weight-related issues after pregnancies. Thankfully, there are many workouts, diets, and exercises that are safe and promote a lifetime of good health after pregnancy.

Key Weight-Related Challenges to Expect after Leaving a Fertility Centre in Bangalore

After months, sometimes years of visiting fertility centres in Bangalore, women want to lead the healthiest possible post-pregnancy lives. To achieve these goals, they must shed excess weight. Before they start intense workouts or diets, they must know the main challenges they’ll face in their weight loss journeys. They include –

  • Immune System Threats: The need to protect their immune systems. According to the best IVF doctors in Bangalore, women’s immune systems face various threats right after successful deliveries. Make sure that your weight-loss tactics don’t hamper your immune system’s health. For instance, many women like to go on strict diets right after their deliveries to shed excess weight. Diets that don’t contain immunity boosting food items must be avoided.
  • The Urge to Avoid Exercises: It’s not mandatory for women who want to lose their post-pregnancy weight to exercise. In fact, many doctors advise women not to take part in intense physical activities for 2-3 weeks after their deliveries. However, exercising will always be good for your health. It will make you healthier and keep you in shape. So, women must avoid the urge to not exercise. As soon as your doctor tells you it’s okay to exercise, start by participating in 5-minute workout sessions.
  • Psychological Barriers: People who receive infertility treatment in Bangalore often suffer from psychology-related issues like lack of sleep or stress. If you’re a new mother aiming to lose weight, these issues can prevent you from exercising or following strict diets. When faced with such psychological barriers, be patient with yourself. Take time, muster up some determination, and start slowly with 5-minute workout sessions. Over time, convert those 5-minute workout sessions into 10-minute sessions (or longer).

Healthy and Safe Ways of Losing Weight – Steps Top IVF doctors in Bangalore Recommend


The kind of food women eat post-pregnancy matters the most when it comes to shedding weight. Stay away from fatty foods, foods with high-calorie content, and all types of sugary junk food. When you work out, your body will automatically burn the fats/calories you consume.

The fewer fats/calories you consume, the less you have to exercise. Nutrition is critical for post-pregnancy women who are breastfeeding. To maintain their health while losing weight after pregnancy, women must –

  • Cut down their sugar intake. If you do have sugar, only opt for natural sugar. Even natural sugar sources such as fruits should be consumed with restrictions (e.g., two servings every day).
  • Pair foods with sugar with high-fibre or high-protein food items like apples, peanuts, berries, pears, etc.
  • Never skip meals. Eating on schedule makes your body more responsive to the nutrients it receives.
  • Eat lean protein but not fried. For instance, steamed chicken, fish, or turkey are good for post-pregnancy women trying to lose weight. But, these meat products can be dangerous for their stomachs and immune systems if they’re not fresh, deep-fried, or processed.
  • Boost your vegetable and whole grains intake.

For more guidance, ask your fertility center in Bangalore for recommendations about registered dietitians.

The Exercise Guide – Safe Exercises for Recipients of Infertility Treatment in Bangalore

If you exercised during your infertility treatment in Bangalore, your pregnancy, and had a safe vaginal delivery, exercising is safe. Start light exercises within one to two weeks of delivery. Mothers who’ve undergone complex infertility treatment or deliveries should ask their health care providers before they start any exercise program.

  • Make sure your health care provider has given you the green flag regarding exercising.
  • Women who are breastfeeding should feed their babies before exercising to avoid any pain caused by puffy breasts.
  • Start with simple exercises that reinforce core muscle groups (back muscles, abdominal muscles, etc.).
  • If you’re having trouble with intense exercises, join postpartum exercise classes for guidance and motivation.
  • Stop exercising any time you experience pain.
  • Drink plenty of water before/after each workout.

Here are some effective workouts for new moms who want to lose weight –

  • Interval training (e.g., running on treadmills, indoor cycling)
  • Boxing
  • Weight training
  • Running
  • Jump rope
  • Yoga
  • CrossFit
  • Swimming

Set Realistic Weight Loss Targets

Anyone can set goals. But, not many are smart enough to set realistic goals. Weight loss goal setting can be tough because many new moms are desperate to shed weight. Here’s how they can set realistic weight loss goals.

  • Make sure your weight loss goals match your day-to-day schedules, personality, and overall health.
  • The goals you set must challenge you every day. For instance, you may not start with intense level workouts. But, you should pick up speed to reach those levels in two months.
  • Avoid setting aggressive timelines. Set realistic, less-demanding deadlines but meet them.

Take these steps to formulate a customized weight loss plan for yourself. And always – be gentle with yourself.

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