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What are the features of Informatica?


Well, the primary role of an Informatica Developer is to develop, maintain, & test Informatica software applications that most of the businesses in an organization need support. It includes creating a solution of the database that aligns with the needs of a company or organization. Informatica is an integration of data tools that depend upon ETL architecture. Moreover, it provides data integration software services for various companies, industries & government organizations such as telecommunications, health, financial & insurance services. Mainly, this   Guest post covers all the highlighting points that include introduction, features, needs, skills, scope that will guide you to acquire the training.


Informatica is a software development company, that furnishes the integration of the data products. Moreover, it offers products for ETL, data masking, Data Quality, visualization of the data, etc. In the present scenario, there is a huge demand for software development & if you want to pursue your career in this, then Informatica Online Training helps in obtaining the certification will bestow with lots of career benefits. However, the Informatica Integration tool is the most useful & when we say it is the common term then, it refers to the Informatica Power Center tool for ETL. Moreover, it is useful for Data Integration & it offers the capacity to connect the data from different heterogeneous data.

Let’s analyze the features of Informatica

What are the features of Informatica?

Informatica provides an enterprise of a data integration platform that helps to access an organization, transforms & integrates the data from a large variety of systems that delivers the information to another transactional system. However, it provides the activities of the Business Integration Competency Center.

  • Informatica allows the exchange of data in B2B to complete end-to-end visibility.
  • Similarly, it extracts the data from different databases with different types such as Structure, Unstructured. It transforms it into forms & stores it into the target databases from the customer’s requirement.
  • Moreover, it provides the reusability of the data, re-running the data & recovers the data.
  • Accurate deliverables & provides automation of the development.
  • Well, it has centralization of cloud server that provides high security & easy accessibility & tracking the data facility.
  • Besides it, provides high visibility in the presentation of the visual data.
  • However, it provides easy data maintenance & monitoring.

Why Do We Need Informatica?

It continues to the view where the data system is accessible, & at the blackened, you will perform the specific data operations. Such as Picking Up Data, Altering the Data that establishes particularly on a collection of rules, or easy storing of the bulk data from one system to another.

Moreover, it offers vibrant features like operations at a row-level of the data, integration of the data from multiple structures, semi-structure & scheduling the data operation. However, it is more beneficial than it provides a broad collection of the products. Hence, customers choose a particular edition based on requisites.  It emphasizes as a product of the integration of the data products.

What are the skills needed to learn Informatica?

The skills to require Informatica Developer has proficiency in computer programming, coding & by understanding how operating the database system works. Moreover, they should have an expert understanding of Informatica Components & they can implement them into the production & it provides post-production support to implement on the components.

  • They should be proficient in computer programming & coding.
  • Understanding of how database system works.
  • Knowledge of SQL.
  • They should be experts with ETL tools.
  • Strong communication skills.

What are the future goals of Informatica?

This technology will assist you in your career growth to select a beginner as a Developer of Informatica ETL & then it works to get promoted as a senior developer. Moreover, they should have experience of seven to ten years in Informatica Admin or Architecture’s position. They should have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering. A junior developer starts to earn up to $65,000 per year, while in a senior position they can earn up to $ 122,000 per year.  The annual salary is $88,000 per annual year.


Overall, It offers products that include ETL, Data Mining, Data Quality, Data Replica, Data Visualization, etc. Nowadays, these technologies are very much in demand. If you want to make a career in Informatica Automation Testing, then you must get in touch with the Informatica Training Institute in Noida will be the utmost best way. Moreover, this certification will enhance your resume.


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