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What Are the Features Provided by and the Benefits of MT5? 

The pandemic has led to an increase in remote instruments like MT5 and its predecessors. Everything you need to succeed in the world’s most important financial markets is here, in this robust environment. So those who wish to build a varied portfolio will find the MetaTrader 5 platform ideal. 

Using several instruments may minimise your risks and increase your potential rewards. The wide variety of assets makes it possible to gain from stocks directly and indirectly. You can buy stocks with a Forextime Stocks Account, for example. And indirectly, you may take advantage of the price rises of these products via low-cost derivatives (CFDs).

Characteristics of the Basics and the Technical Aspects

Analysts may concentrate on a variety of factors while doing their research, as each market has its own unique set of requirements. And if you’re interested in Forex trading, you may want to consider this. You should keep an eye on the economic and political developments in the nations whose currencies you trade. Falling oil prices, for instance, cause the currencies of exporting countries to devalue. A rise in interest rates also brings in more foreign investment, which benefits the local economy.

As a whole, there is a slew of variables to consider, and the most important announcements are summarised for your convenience in the MT5 app. Any fundamental trader will find its economic calendar essential, while a variety of customisable charts is also expected. 

The staggering number of timeframes in MT5 is 21. Now, contrast this with the nine available in MetaTrader 4. As an additional option, traders may select to display other information, such as tick volume, OHLC, last price, etc., in a visual format

Flexible Ordering Methodology

With Market Depth, you can receive prices near to the market as possible. Meanwhile, orders and trades are recorded in two distinct ways; netting or hedging systems are used to record the latter. The Stop Loss triggers allow users to restrict their losses, and their deals are automatically carried out when a specific price is achieved. Additionally, the trailing stop, a trigger that may be adjusted, is an option, and it rises and falls in tandem with the underlying asset’s value, allowing for more profit.

Features of Copy Trading

Connecting to an expert advisor through MT5 is an option available to users. In South Africa, a service called “copy trading” is provided by worldwide brokerages. Essentially, all of the strategy manager’s choices are reproduced in your account when working with the organisation. Meanwhile, you can cancel individual transactions or the whole connection.

As a means to learn and watch common tactics in action, it’s a popular choice among newcomers. And delegation is a common trait amongst their more experienced counterparts. As a result, they may continue trading even if their analysis is insufficient.

Trading Using Algorithms

MetaQuotes have created countless robots, while free EAs (Expert Advisors) are included with the platform, but you can always purchase or hire more. Meanwhile, currently, there are more than 1,700 products available on the market. And in other cases, the program might act on your behalf, analysing the market and making transactions based on predetermined criteria. So while you sleep, the system will be receiving and executing trades. And because EAs are not flawless, they should only be used sparingly.

In terms of online raiding systems, MetaTrader 5 is among the best, and it is consistent with a wide range of popular instruments. Moreover, it’s easy to try out the features of a regulated broker’s platform for free by opening a demo account.


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