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What Are The Ways And Tools To Find Emails From LinkedIn?

Find Email On LInkedIn

To find someone’s email address on LinkedIn, try the following 2 steps:

  1. You can find your prospect’s email by name, zip code, category, and URL
  2. Find your prospects’ website address
  3. Find Email By Name, Zip Code, And URL

In the first step, you have to type the name, zip code, and category in the search bar of LinkedIn to find the contact details of prospects. LinkedIn will show results for your given instructions. You have to visit each LinkedIn search result for finding email and other contact details from LinkedIn. When you open a LinkedIn by click on the “View Profile” button. You will see the user profile on your computer screen with contact information, skills, experience, and much more. Click on the “Contact info” button to see the contact details of the user.

You will see the LinkedIn profile URL and email address of the user. You can export this data in a PDF file by clicking on the button “More” given below the contact info. In this way, you can find and export emails from LinkedIn profiles manually. But, it will take 7 to 10 minutes to find and copy-paste data from a single LinkedIn profile only. What do you do, if you have to copy-paste data from thousands of LinkedIn profiles? So, it’s not a good method for those who need bulk data from  LinkedIn.

  1. Find Email Through The Website

In the second step, you have to open your LinkedIn profile. You have to find the user or company website address. Because Most companies have the same company website URL and email domain.

When you open a LinkedIn profile, you will see the companies in which he/she is currently working in the right corner of the profile. You have to click on the Company name and then LinkedIn will navigate you to the company page. On the LinkedIn company page, you will see the button “visit website”. Click on this button to visit the website and there you can find the contact information of the company on the “Contact Us” page.

What To Do If You Can’t Find The Email Address?

All the above two steps will help you to find LinkedIn emails of your prospects manually. If you are successful in finding the right email address, Congratulations.

  • There can be many reasons if you have not to find the right email address on LinkedIn.
  • People use Nicknames in their email: Usman may use sonu@company.com
  • People may use their middle names: Jack may use Jacky@company.com
  • Some people might have left that company & forgot to update their LinkedIn profile. (it happens!)
  • Some companies might have country-specific email addresses such as @ind.ey.com and @ca.ey.com
  • Most of the emails that you have found are known as “Unknown” or “Server does not respond” (because free email verifiers have limitations)

many more…

If you want to find the email addresses of one or two prospects from LinkedIn, you need to manually do all the 2 steps mentioned above. In the same way, you have to repeat all the two processes for all the prospects to get an email address from LinkedIn. Imagine how much time it would take if you want to find email addresses for 1000s of prospects from LinkedIn. It’s not a good option and is time-consuming. This is where a smart LinkedIn email finder tool such as LinkedIn Lead Extractor can be handy for busy sales & marketing professionals.

LinkedIn Lead Extractor To Find Someone’s Email By Name From LinkedIn

LinkedIn Leads Scraper helps you to find and collect verified users and business email addresses of anyone from LinkedIn. With a click of a button, you can find, extract, and export emails from LinkedIn profiles and search results.

LinkedIn Email Scraper helps you to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn in no time by name, zip code, job title, experience, and LinkedIn profile URL.

Just find your prospects on LinkedIn and leave the remaining task for the LinkedIn email extractor. It will automatically extract, export, and organized data on your computer in CSV, Excel, and Text files. Moreover, LinkedIn Profile Scraper will not only scrape emails from LinkedIn profiles but also other contact information such as phone numbers, social media links, website links, profile URLs, connections, skills, and much more. Everyone can use this LinkedIn Data Export Tool easily even if he/she doesn’t know what is programming or coding. Because LinkedIn Scraper requires no coding to use it.

LinkedIn Contact Extractor also automatically verifies the email addresses and you can eliminate the invalid email addresses at any time.

LinkedIn Email Grabber helps you to enrich your email database, update your existing prospect email database, and helps you to improve your email marketing results.

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