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What are the websites that solve any math problem?

Math is a subject that requires heavy skill, concentration, and grit no matter what level you are on. One may want to create an argument that it is easier at the high school level. It does not take away from the fact that high school students often suffer badly. In this paragraph, let us take a look at the issues people face in a math problem. Firstly, math is complicated to a fault.

People struggle with it across different levels. Secondly, It is layered. Thirdly, and most importantly, it takes time and effort to master. Therefore, students start to look for ways to get some relief from that.    

The story gets a little more complex in college. College starts to merge different disciplines across the mathematical sciences as well. Throw in some extra projects, applications, necessary extracurriculars, and speeding syllabi, and you have got yourself a perfect recipe for a mental breakdown, 

You can always count on some websites online to provide some relief. 

 Here are some websites that can act like your math problem solver with steps:    


Mathway is a website that hosts a free calculator for every student to use. It is a smart calculator that pops up automatically whenever you open the website. You just have to type in your question and you will get your answers. You can get help in trigonometry, basic math, pre-calculus, etc. Their aim is to provide tools and math assistance accessible to all students around the globe. 

Microsoft Math solver

The name actually speaks for itself. Microsoft math solver is an entry-level platform targeted towards math and science problems. It is a free platform that offers an opportunity to solve their doubts in diverse branches of mathematics. Along with detailed explanations, the website also hosts useful tools. Hence, here you not only get good solutions but also detailed graphs. 


Cymath boasts millions of users worldwide. The reason is simple. It is a problem solver website. As a result, They are not just any problem solver but a solver that resolves the problems step by step. The problems can be any- whether it is logs, factorials, chain rule, quotient rule, integration, etc., 

You just have to type in your issues and receive the result.


TutorBin is a student-centric website that offers tutoring help by converging education with technology. It offers help for assignments, projects & other tasks in 250+ subjects from 50000+ expert tutors. It also has an in-built math problem solver with steps, and will surely come in handy for problems.  


Chegg is one of the leading giants in the homework help industry. It covers many tricky subjects like science, statistics, and math. This is an expensive option but they have tried and tested solutions. It does not matter if you just want your homework done, have some doubts about your concepts, or you are someone preparing for your final exams; the math solver aspect of Chegg is for everyone to use. It does not matter what you are struggling with, be it linear algebra, calculus, or arithmetic; you just have to take a snap and upload your homework and you shall receive the answer. 


Symbolab was designed to be an answer engine. EqsQuest.Ltd built it in 2011. This service calculates and displays step-by-step solutions. Problems range from mathematical problems to other scientific ones. It emphasizes the machine learning aspect of problem-solving relying on different algorithms to navigate search and solutions. It focuses on high school to college-level math questions. This is one of the most famous websites to deal with problems of calculus. 


This is a computational engine developed by Wolfram Research, Started in May 2009, this served as the successor to the firm’s previous product of the same league, Wolfram Mathematica, The computational giant, utilizes dynamic programming language-Wolfram Language.  

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