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What braces color wheel Look Best?

Choosing the right color to compliment your braces can make all the difference in how you feel about them, whether you’re someone who’s just getting their braces, or someone who has had them for years. Luckily, there are some tried and true color combinations that you can use to your advantage when it comes to your teeth, and they don’t even have to be expensive! In fact, after you read this guide on what colors look best with braces, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how affordable finding the perfect braces color wheel can be!

An Overview of What Color Looks Good With Braces

There are tons of braces color wheel guides, but none that use RGB or HSL to properly color-match with. So I did my own, using Photoshop and a custom tool I built for it. Feel free to skip to the section A Step-by-Step Guide for Selecting a Braces Color Palette for some guidelines on how to select a palette, but read through all of these steps first so you know what’s going on!

Black and White

While you should avoid colors like red and green, which can clash with braces, other colors actually look great. Keep in mind that what looks best on one person may not look good on another, so experiment to see what works for you. As a general rule of thumb: white clothing highlights braces most (it really makes them pop), while darker shades help disguise them. Black is also popular among those who wear braces due to its slimming effect; however, be sure to get it professionally cleaned after each wearing to avoid stains!

Blue, Purple, and Teal

Avoid going with a color that will draw even more attention to your braces. Stay away from black, red, and yellow, which are all very in-your-face colors. Blue, purple, and teal are all better options in braces color wheel because they’re much easier on your eyes (and less likely to catch people’s attention). They also help to distract from any possible awkwardness you may feel about having braces. Besides, what’s cooler than matching your teeth color to your new tinted lenses?

Orange, Yellow, Brown

There are three colors that look best with braces: pink, red and green. The right color depends on what you’re wearing, so make sure you match your braces to whatever color your clothes are. If you’re wearing bright orange or yellow, then it might be a good idea to wear blue brace bands – but only if they don’t clash with your shirt or jacket. It’s important to note that pink doesn’t always work well with white teeth – and neither does red, for that matter. Blue is one of the best-looking braces colors because it matches almost any other color, from brown belts to green scarves.

Pink, Red, Green

The colors that flatter braces most are pink, red and green. Because these colors sit opposite of each other on a color wheel, they provide optimal contrast for your teeth. If you’re not keen on rocking pink, consider bringing in some of these colors through accessories or layering them with earth tones to tone down their intensity. Alternatively, if you have an oral condition (like braces) that prevents you from wearing bright colors in public, neutrals like black and white can help draw attention to your eyes instead of your mouth (which is actually pretty cool).

Grey, Olive, and Beige

Not all braces are created equal. Different materials, shapes, and sizes mean different types of braces need different colors to look their best. Generally speaking, darker tones like grey, olive, and beige will look best on someone with clear or colored braces. If you’re looking for a color that complements your smile’s natural hue but doesn’t clash with your bright-white wirework, these tones are a safe bet.

Turquoise & Navy Blue

When wearing braces, you don’t want to wear bold or statement colors. They will make your teeth and mouth look even smaller than they already are. Instead of bright red or blue, try a turquoise or navy blue for a pop of color that still looks great with braces. Not only do these colors look good with metal and light pink, but they also compliment an array of different skin tones. Plus, turquoise is trending in fashion right now, so it would be especially fun to pair it with braces!

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