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What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth can be caused by many different factors, but the root cause of crooked teeth has to do with how the upper and lower jaws develop and how they meet during an individual’s growth period in childhood. When each jaw develops, it typically grows straight up and down, meeting in the middle at the center of the face. In some cases, one jaw grows faster than the other or one side of the face grows faster than the other, causing one side of the jaw to become longer than the other and resulting in an overall crooked smile.

How To Fix Crooked Teeth?

While straight teeth are considered more aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to know that crooked teeth aren’t necessarily a problem. In fact, they may not need fixing at all. Talk to your dentist or orthodontist about what’s causing your crooked teeth and decide how you want to proceed from there. If something can be done about it and you decide to move forward with treatment, there are many options out there, like braces , retainers , or retainers . Orthodontics is a huge field but usually works on one of two principles: either pulling teeth into place or pushing them out of place . Ultimately, any issues caused by crooked teeth can be fixed—you just have to figure out what path works best for you.

How Much Will It Cost To Fix A Crooked Tooth?

Straightening crooked teeth can involve a number of different treatments. If your smile is crooked due to shifting and/or loss of teeth, then you’ll likely need orthodontic treatment to fix it. Likewise, if your teeth are crooked because of an injury or jaw misalignment, then orthodontic treatment will be necessary as well. The process for straightening crooked teeth typically consists of some combination of appliances such as elastics and retainers, with occasional in-office adjustments; all told, you’re looking at anywhere from $3,000-$6,000 for full orthodontic treatment.

How Crooked Teeth Can Impact Your Health?

It’s easy to think of your smile as an aesthetic issue. After all, it seems that crooked teeth are more often than not a cosmetic problem. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, it can make it difficult to be confident in social situations and professional settings. However, your smile is just as much an indicator of your health as it is a marker of how you look—and some crooked teeth issues are serious concerns that can impact your overall health. In fact, if left untreated, many issues could worsen over time and cause even bigger problems down the road. For example, misaligned or overcrowded teeth may result in gum disease.

What Happens When You Ignore Crooked Teeth?

When teeth are crooked, it’s typically a sign that something is wrong with your bite. Fixing bite issues early will prevent bigger problems down the road. Bad bites lead to pain in your jaw and joints, hearing loss, headaches and trouble chewing and swallowing. Additionally, you may end up with crooked teeth if you ignore them for too long. It’s best to seek treatment as soon as possible so we can correct your bite now before it becomes a more expensive problem in the future. Your dentist can determine whether or not you have an issue with your bite while they examine your teeth; they might also recommend you see an orthodontist or ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) if appropriate.

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