What cleaning tips should be used in a medical environment?

In ‌health, contamination can spread quickly between patients, visitors or even medical personnel. Therefore it is essential to ensure the proper decontamination of the entire medical environment for public health.

In ‌health, contamination can spread quickly between patients, visitors or even medical personnel. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the proper decontamination of the entire medical environment for public health.

Cleaning in a medical environment concerns premises such as medical offices, hospitals, analysis laboratories, veterinary and dental offices, specialist doctors, etc. Surfaces such as floors, walls, and medical instruments have strict cleaning procedures and must first neutralize the risk of spreading viruses and microbes.

We should be careful in the disinfection in a medical environment to avoid infections. For this, we have put rules and procedures in place to ensure the right techniques and the ‌right cleaning frequencies. The maintenance of medical premises must consider the activities, the type of patient to best adapt the choice of products and materials.

To provide a healthy hospital environment, use products that specialize in the design of quality, hygiene and disinfection products. Find in this article all our advice on sanitizing many healthcare establishments using disinfectant products and the different protocols

Hygiene in a doctor’s office

It is ‌likely in practice that diseases will be transmitted. The people most affected are health professionals such as general practitioners, pediatricians, radiologists, gynecologists, cardiologists, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

The areas most affected by diseases remain the waiting room and the consultation rooms. Disinfectant detergents are very useful for cleaning high surfaces such as massage tables or worktops. We recommend using premium products, which are an alcohol-free formula, as disinfectant detergent foam, which will effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses in a few minutes.

However, soils also remain a veritable breeding ground for bacteria. A practice, regardless of the activity it performs, receives several patients during the day with different but equally dangerous symptoms. There are cleaning products for floors and walls that are non-invasive and allow you to disinfect every corner in depth.

Complete disinfection of a veterinary clinic

Infectious agents often contaminate animals in veterinary care establishments. To combat these risks, it is important to clean each part. The premises of a veterinary practice comply with regulations and each room has flooring and furniture that must be easy to clean.

The cleaning of healthcare premises begins with the elimination of waste and adherent dirt using a detergent on the equipment, furniture of a consultation room for veterinarians or in the doctor’s room. ‘Home.

However, simply cleaning the dirt is not enough, a more intense disinfection will destroy the organisms present on the surfaces, but also on medical instruments useful for the correct diagnosis of animals. The disinfection of care equipment is very important, which is why we offer a wide selection of disinfectants for instruments at the best price.

Cleaning and disinfection in retirement residences

Retirement homes are structures where elderly people live together. It is still common for patients to contract infections from one another. Diseases remain a problem that should not be neglected, whether for patients or treating staff.

Rooms such as offices, reception, bedrooms or entertainment rooms are areas to be treated with care for risk prevention. There are a wide variety of disinfectants for safe surfaces that act quickly and limit the development of harmful germs. 

We should not take the selection of cleaning products lightly. The metabolism of an elderly person is very sensitive. There are products that have been designed as healthy cleaning products so as not to damage the health of patients. To quickly disinfect furniture such as an armchair, we recommend a product that disinfects and deodorizes with a simple spray. The product acts quickly and leaves a pleasant fragrance on the treated area.

Sterilization operations of an ambulance

The maintenance of a medical vehicle must respect the precautionary principles in the order and the way of carrying out the disinfection. It is important to carry out the internal and external cleaning of the vehicle. During a procedure, it is essential to clean the medical devices between each patient transport. You can disinfect stretchers quickly with products that are ideal for disinfecting accessories.

Cleaning an ambulance while respecting the protocols makes it possible to welcome the sick in a healthy and clean environment. For this, we recommend products which will allow the disinfection of small medical equipment and floors.

The decontamination process in medical analysis laboratories

Analysis laboratories are places where we take samples and analyze several bodily fluids in order to diagnose diseases. So as not to affect the results of the analysis, we must keep the sampling rooms beyond reproach.

The disinfection of surfaces in the biology laboratory must be optimal. We should clean surfaces with a detergent every week, followed by a rinse, and disinfectWe must handle analytical instruments with care.

The cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment involves 3 important steps:

  • Pre-disinfection: we can do this step using a disinfectant to reduce the number of microorganisms and facilitate the next cleaning while protecting the personnel and the surrounding environment.
  • Cleaning: the purpose of which is to remove dirt by a physio-chemical action resulting from a detergent product.
  • Disinfection: which comprises destroying unwanted germs with a disinfectant product, by placing the instruments in an ultrasonic tank to better treat them.

Who can carry out cleaning in a medical environment?

Medical hygiene is a crucial point in the management of a practice or other hospital environment and must be irreproachable. Professional cleaning in the healthcare environment has several protocols to follow, whether in cleaning techniques or the choice of products to use depending on the activity.

The disinfection of a cabinet can be carried out by cleaning agents in so far as the cleaning services remain classic, such as floors, furniture, walls, etc. The agents in charge of maintenance have the skills necessary for the proper performance of the maintenance.

The hospital environment is a place very sensitive to diseases and must call on companies specialized in ‌hygiene and cleanliness which have adequate products and equipment.

The disinfection of hospital premises by cleaning companies remains a compulsory means of treatment. They have undergone strict training according to the standards set by law in ‌health. To effectively disinfect the various surfaces, they have at their disposal optimized equipment and use exceptional cleaning products, respecting the health standards in force.



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