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What do a treated gemstones bring to its wearer?

Hello everyone do you have a belief in astrology and other spiritual Sciences? Different people have different opinions on astrology and other spiritual Sciences. Some may believe in astrology and some argue that these are only blind faiths.

Mainly, Decades ago people used to consider these fields as Superstitions, but in contrast, modern people are pulling the roots in astrology and other Sciences from ancient cultures. As a result, some interesting and mind blowing information had came into the light. In fact, people also discovered that these ancient fields are closely related to modern science.

And if you are new to astrology then a lot of mind-brewing queries arise in your mind. Of course, these queries are very common for intellectual thinkers. One such question is wearing treated gemstones is auspicious or not?

If you are searching for this question look no more here is the answer come let’s explore it.

Come let’s look into the meanings of treated and natural ones:

If you are new to the world of loose gemstones, then you will be hearing new words like treated stones, natural stones, polishing, cutting, synthetic stones, etc. To know the answer to the desired question, first of all let’s know about the meanings of these unknown words.

Natural stones are the stones that came from Mother Nature directly. And the synthetic ones are man-made in the lab. Coming to treated stones, these may be either natural ones or synthetic ones. Normally, the gem Crafter always cuts and polishes the natural stone to enhance its beauty and minimize the inclusions.

This does not come under the treatment. And if the gem Crafter tries to enhance beauty with other techniques other than polishing and cutting then, people call it as treatment in the world of gemstones. The techniques include drilling, heating, soaking the gemstone in the oil to enhance the color and the Beauty of the stones.

Pluses and minuses of treated stones:

The process of treating gemstones has been practiced by the people since Vedic times. There is evidence that the people of that time had a better idea of ​​the benefits and harms of wearing treated stones. In fact,  a very detailed description is there regarding the knowledge of the consequences of wearing the treated stones in the book Garuda Purana written by the ancient sages.

Garuda Purana states that whether the stone may be treated (drilling, heating) or untreated (i.e., cutting and polishing), it has the potential to bring consequences to the wearer. Furthermore, it states that if the stone is prone to cutting and polishing, it can bring good luck, prosperity, and the best opportunities in life. On the other hand, if the stone is prone to treatment such as heating, drilling, etc. Then it will bring a negative impact on its wearer for sure. So, gemmologists do not recommend wearing treated stones.

If your need for the stone is not for astrological  purposes, then you can use the treated ones because they are available at lower prices than untreated gemstones in the market.


If you are looking for success in your professional life or if you want to embrace your love life or if you want to acquire greater heights in life, you can definitely wear the natural and the untreated stone. In contrast, if you are a beauty lover and have a hobby to collect amazing beauties, then purchasing synthetic and treated stones is a must.

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