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What Is a Nance Appliance and Why Does It Hurt?

We get asked all the time, What’s the difference between invisible braces and a Nance appliance? A lot of people are confused by these two options and which one they should choose. The short answer is that it depends on your cosmetic goals and your dentist’s recommendation. A Nance appliance works similarly to standard braces, but instead of being permanently attached to your teeth, they are removable.

How the Nance Appliance Works

The Nance appliance is used by orthodontists to treat patients with underdeveloped front teeth. In order to fix crooked front teeth, it’s often necessary to correct asymmetries in your bite. The bottom teeth are sometimes a little longer than they should be, while top ones can be shorter or misaligned. A properly adjusted Nance appliance will move your bottom jaw forward so that it rests against your top teeth when you close your mouth. When there is an even bite, you’ll have straightened teeth without braces! While there might be some discomfort at first, it should go away after about two weeks as you get used to your new bite.

History of the Nance Appliance

For many years, orthodontists used metal brackets with rubber bands to straighten teeth. However, in 1948 Nance invented a new type of appliance known as The Clear Correct Appliance that uses colored acrylic instead of rubber bands. Although it seems like a simple switch, using colored acrylic is actually more effective than using rubber bands because colors help bring out specific color differences between teeth rather than colorless rubber bands that only create pressure against teeth. Since its invention, many different colors of braces have been invented to serve unique purposes such as bringing out specific shades within dental structures or individualizing treatment plans according to an individual’s preferences.

Where the Nance Appliance Can Be Used

Before we discuss where you can use a nance appliance, we should explain what it is. This is an appliance that’s designed to straighten teeth. What makes it different from other types of orthodontic devices is its design. This device was named after Dr. William Burt Nance who designed it in 1957. Since then, many dentists have used these appliances to correct malocclusions (abnormal bite positions) like overbites or underbites, crowded or spaced teeth, or crooked teeth. If your orthodontist believes you’d benefit from using one of these appliances, he or she will recommend using one for several months once your colors for braces come off.

The Cost of an Nance Appliance

All orthodontists charge differently for their services, so it’s important to talk with your orthodontist about their payment plan options. Most orthodontists require payment in full upfront, but there are some who offer payment plans. The amount of interest on your account will vary from office to office as well, but these are all things that can be discussed prior to starting treatment.

Before You Get An Invisalign Brace, Do Your Research

The color of your braces can be an important consideration, especially if you’re getting Invisalign®. Braces come in several colors, ranging from clear to white to blue. If you’re choosing Invisalign, there are color options available depending on your preferences and style. But if you’re just looking for traditional metal braces, do keep in mind. That they are all tooth colored but come in a few colors including. Silver-white, pearly white, mint green and light blue. When it comes to deciding on which color is best for your child with braces, think about how he or she will feel when wearing them.

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