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What is solid shampoo? How to use it

Solid shampoo is something you might have tried. Solid shampoo is easy to use on your travels and is also very economical.

There have been many studies, clinical trials, and theories that have linked unhealthy diets with various skin conditions over the years. Healthy eating habits can have positive effects on the skin.

Let’s learn how solid shampoo is made and the benefits it offers. This will increase your skincare knowledge.

Solid shampoo vs. bar soap

Say goodbye to plastic bottles solid shampoo is more economical than liquid and lasts for a longer time, which allows you not only to save money but also helps the environment.

It is possible to wash your hair up to 80 times with approximately 250g of shampoo solid.

Bar soap is much more compact than liquid body wash, which comes in plastic bottles.  And Bar soap is a great choice if you want to avoid plastic packaging.

Also, Bar soaps come in simple packaging, such as a paper wrapper or a box. Both can be easily recycled.

If you want to make your showers zero-waste and plastic-free, bar soap is a better choice.

The common soap contains fats and caustic soda that are dissolved in water. This makes it not suitable for shampooing hair. Instead, the solid shampoo is made with coconut oil-derived surfactants which have a lower pH. Water, oils nourishing vegetable butter, and essential oils are all added to the solid surfactants.

Solid shampoo: Washing power

First, we need to ask ourselves if the hair will be as clean. Let’s pretend that the solid shampoo is made with natural ingredients and nourishing oils, which do not cause any harm to our hair or scalp.

Even though the washing powder works the same, it may take some time for your hair to get back to normal.

Don’t worry if your first wash is a little bit dry or stringy. This will improve with time, and your hair will shine brighter than ever.

How to use

To avoid the stringy effect, solid shampoo should not be applied directly to the hair. You can use warm water to moisten your hair or rub the shampoo in your hands. Some people rinse their hair with vinegar or lemon to remove knots.

How to store

We said that there is no need to use packaging. The only way to keep it from getting ruined is to dry it on a ventilated surface, then place it in a recyclable container such as a soap dish.

To preserve its power, avoid exposing it to heat or light.

There are many solid shampoos on the market today. Choose the one that suits you best.

Where to find solid shampoo and how to select it

Solid shampoo can be found in both shops that specialize in organic and natural products, herbalist shops, shops that sell cosmetic products made naturally, as well as in regular supermarkets. You can also order them. It is now available in many different brands, so you’re spoilt for choice. It is small, lightweight, portable, practical, and affordable.

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