What is the best brand of hoverboard?

So, a hoverboard is a board that does not move on the surface, but above it. That is, by air. Many people are familiar with such a device as an electric one-wheeled skateboard. It can be found on the streets of large cities quite often. This is a skateboard, but not with four wheels, but with one large one located in the center. To move on such a vehicle, self-balancing is required. Thanks to this, it seems that the board on which the person stands is floating through the air. However, this device is still not a hoverboard. Therefore, many are wondering if there is a flying skateboard (board), we will answer it.

Many corporations have been inventing

However, not all attempts were successful. Among the latest models that really through the air, one can single out the development of Lexus, which was introduced in 2015. Its work is based on the principle of quantum levitation. The device operates on superconductors cooled with liquid nitrogen. The conductors are placed in a magnetic field that is completely displaced from the volume of the conductor. It turns out a pillow that allows you to hang in the air.

Devices that are capable of levitating cost a lot of money

And therefore have not received the mass distribution. However, there are more affordable alternatives to a hoverboard: an electric unicycle, a one-wheel skateboard, and others.

In 2014, American extreme sportsman Frank Zapata worked on developing his flying snowboard. The result was the invention of the Flyboard. This is a device that can move above the surface of the water. The separation occurs due to the pressure of the water jet, which is supplied by the jet ski. It can be operated by one or two people. The device is capable of lifting off the surface up to 6 m, accelerating up to 43 km/h.

Zapata also became the creator of the Flyboard Air, which can soar thanks to the equipment of 4 engines with a capacity of 250 hp. With. each. A supply of fuel is provided, which is poured into a tank mounted on the back. The control takes place remotely using a remote control fixed on the pilot’s hand, as well as thanks to maneuverability through tilting the board with their feet. Equilibrium is maintained by a set of gyroscopes on the battery. The underside of the platform is equipped with 4 racks and specialized boots for good stability. In 2016, on Flyboard Air, he broke the Guinness World Record for the longest flight on hoverboards. Then he was able to fly 2252.4 m, which is a very impressive result.

In 2015, Lexus, a division of the Toyota auto concern, just took up the production of the device. This development is as close as possible to what we see on the screens in science fiction films. However, it also has a drawback – movement is possible only in a special area, which is equipped with a layer of magnets. At the moment, there is only one such skate park in the world.

You can see it quite often in movies:

Franchise “Back to the Future 2”. How the hoverboard works can be seen when Marty escapes in 2015 from Griff and his gang on the thhoverboarthe did. Later, when the hero returns to 1995, he uses the device to steal the sports almanac.

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