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What is the difference between renovation and remodeling?

Any building is subject to physical deterioration, and, accordingly, is subject to major repairs or reconstruction. The purpose of the overhaul and reconstruction of the house is to ensure the functioning of the building in accordance with construction and sanitary standards. When using fixed assets, from time to time there is a need both to maintain them in good condition and to improve their initial characteristics (for example, to increase capacity). We are talking about the restoration of fixed assets in the form of major repairs or reconstruction. But what is the difference between renovation and remodeling?

Renovation of buildings: what is it, what kind of work does it involve?

Capital repairs of houses are construction works with the aim of restoring the parameters of the object in accordance with current regulations․ As well as updating and replacing any components of the building object with similar or improved ones, with the exception of load-bearing structures.

When organizing a major overhaul of residential buildings, the main technical indicators remain unchanged:

  • building area;
  • usable area;
  • number of floors;
  • building volume.

Objects of capital construction – buildings, buildings, including residential, multi-apartment buildings and territories adjacent to them, with the exception of temporary buildings. Overhaul of apartment buildings is carried out when they are worn out, collapsed, or destroyed. In this case, work is being carried out to upgrade the building components or to restore large-scale engineering and technical structures.

The main goal is to replace worn-out elements (walls, frame, roof, roofing) with more wear-resistant and cost-effective ones. Overhaul of houses can be complex or selective.

Complex repairs – works that apply to the entire house or some of its elements. Selective repair consists of the partial or complete replacement of some building elements of buildings.

Differences between capital repairs of buildings and reconstruction.

Contrary to popular belief that major repairs and reconstruction are the same things, there is a noticeable difference between these two types of construction work.

Differences between overhaul and reconstruction:

  • Overhaul is aimed at replacing and restoring building structures and elements, and reconstruction is aimed at changing the technical and economic parameters of objects. Reconstruction of a house is a work with the aim of giving a building object new properties.
  • Reconstruction is a more global construction, so the timing of the overhaul and reconstruction is different. And capital repairs of residential buildings are carried out more often than reconstructions.
  • Overhaul and reconstruction differ in terms of implementation. Overhaul will be carried out even in a situation where the tenants are against these works. And the reconstruction will be carried out only if there is a request from local authorities or a request from the residents of the house.
  • Homeowners pay for major repairs. During the reconstruction, the funds of the owners may not be enough․ And in this case they seek the help of local authorities.
  • During the overhaul, the residents of the house remain in their apartments, and during the reconstruction period they move to other houses..

The list of works on the overhaul of houses

  • The list of overhaul works includes:
  • Repair of the facade, roof, foundation, roof, window blocks, basement, porches.
  • Carrying out plastering work.
  • Elevator troubleshooting.

It can be any other work that is not related to the transformation of load-bearing structures.

Enumeration of works on the reconstruction of houses.

The list of reconstruction works includes:

  • Changing the height, number of floors and size of the area.
  • Addition, addition or rebuilding.
  • Reconstruction or replacement of load-bearing structures.
  • Change of communication equipment.

If as a result of repair work there was a change in the object. Its category, or the boundaries of functioning (purpose), then it’s a reconstruction.

Despite these definitions and explanations, it is often difficult to decide for a particular object how reconstruction differs from repair. Since the issue of recognizing costs as expenses for repairs or reconstruction is often quite controversial, as well as the object of close attention and claims of inspectors, court decisions made in similar circumstances can help.

The differences in arbitration practice given for major repairs and reconstruction can be used by organizations to justify why certain expenses were recognized as repair or reconstruction costs.

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