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What is the success of Kidney Transplant in India?

India is one of the top destinations for kidney transplants, providing comprehensive and holistic treatment to all patients. The kidney is an important organ because it filters waste material from the body to maintain a clean and toxin-free environment.  When the kidneys reach the end of their useful life, and no other therapies work, transplantation may be the sole alternative.

A kidney transplant is an ideal treatment for end-stage kidney disease. Moreover, this treatment offers a better quality of life without dialysis. Life after transplant is almost normal. Even India has a nearly 90% of kidney transplant success rate, making it an ideal destination for treatment. 

Why a Kidney Transplant?

Kidney is around 4-5 inches long, bean-shaped organs on both sides of the spine, behind the belly, and below the ribs. Their job is to filter the blood, remove toxins and control the fluid balance in the body. However, if one of them stops functioning, the other can carry out essential functions without any hassle. But if both of them stop working, it may pose danger to the patient’s health. Although dialysis is an option, it requires frequent hospital visits and medications. Therefore, the best treatment for kidney failure is transplantation. 

Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Now how do you come to know that your kidney has stopped working or has failed? Well, there are a few signs and symptoms you should notice. 

  • Feeling lazy and weak
  • Decreased hunger
  • Unusual taste 
  • Itching
  • Reduced sexual function
  • Less urge to urinate
  • Twisting and cramps
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest Pain
  • Build-up fluid in legs and ankles
  • Easy bruising and pigmentation

The procedure of Kidney Transplant in India

A kidney transplant is a surgery that involves the removal of a non-functional kidney and replacing it with a healthy kidney from a donor in this surgery. The donor can be cadaveric or living. Before the surgery, many tests were conducted to analyze how well the donor’s kidneys match the recipient’s blood and tissue type. Moreover, the total time the surgery takes is around 3-4 hours under general anesthesia. 

The surgeon makes an incision in the lower abdomen during the surgery to access the damaged kidney. Then implants the donor’s kidney in a different location than the current one. Moreover, the donor kidney’s renal artery and vein will be sutured to the external iliac artery and vein. The donor ureter is then linked to the recipient ureter.

Success Rate of Kidney transplant in India

Many hospitals in India introduce you to a team of world-class experts from the Department of Kidney Transplantation. These hospitals have well-maintained labs and operating rooms with sophisticated technologies to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible. The transplant programs include both live and cadaveric transplants.

India has one of the greatest success rates in the world for kidney transplants. Currently, the success rate is over 90%. However, several factors impact the success rate of a kidney transplant, including the hospital of choice, the experience of the surgical and post-operative care teams, the donor’s tissue matching and compatibility, and more. Post-surgical infection is a significant danger that can reduce success rates, therefore pick a facility with the highest cleanliness standards to avoid infection.

India- The Ideal destination for Kidney Transplant 

India has many hospitals with the most skilled and experienced kidney transplant staff. They have professionals who collaborate to carry out even the most complex transplant operations. They also offer high-quality care at reasonable prices. The team’s post-operative care and follow-ups are first-rate, and sanitary standards are second to none. The hospital features cutting-edge peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis services, as well as cutting-edge technology and a world-class operating theatre. 

India has World Class Medical Facilities equivalent to those found in Western and European countries. India features the top hospitals and the best medical professionals. With the greatest possible infrastructure, advanced medical facilities, as well as the most competitive pricing, you may seek treatment in India at the lowest possible cost.

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