What Men Can Wear In An Indian Wedding? Top 6 Wedding Outfits

Looking for best wedding outfits that helps you slay? Check out these best one.

It’s wedding season, which means you’ve probably already received a slew of invitations to Indian nuptials from your friends and family. So, once you’ve received the wedding invitation, the first question that comes to mind is: What should I wear as a guest to the Indian wedding? We’re also referring to Indian men. While women may believe they have many alternatives, males may believe they have few. Today, we’ll show you the several great wedding outfits men can wear as guests at an Indian wedding.

6 Best Wedding Outfits To Slay At Indian Weddings

Today, we’ll look at all things wedding-related, regardless of the dress code. From designer men’s printed shirts to black-tie interpretations, we’ll walk you through it all. Even if you’ve never worn a suit before, you’ll learn how to make it look terrific. We’ll discuss decorating and how to strike a balance between formal attire and attending the wedding reception. We’ll even give you some color and design recommendations! Are you ready to ? Let’s get ready to check out these awesome wedding outfits for men.

1. Smart Casuals 

This is my favorite formal style since it is multifunctional. You can deviate from the rules and still feel at ease. You don’t need to be concerned about looking classy without those guidelines. You’ll need a simple suit, formal shorts, attractive cufflinks, and pocket squares. Wear it with a pair of loafers or brogues to complete the outfit.

2. Casual Kurta + Jeans

If you want to appear dressed up but still want to be casual, you can combine a casual kurta for men and informal aspects to create your own classic comfy avatar. Simply match your favorite pair of jeans with a very well kurta and a gorgeous waistcoat for added glitz. This self-styled is all you’ll need to seem put together for a night of dancing with your pals and the groom!

3. Wear The Black Tie With Tuxedo

The most straightforward wedding outfit of all dress standards, black tie is also the most difficult to get wrong. It is also the most restrictive. A tuxedo is what a black-tie refers to in basic terms. (As well as a bow tie.) The classic style is single-breasted with peak lapels, which are normally worn with studs and patent leather pumps, but no one will condemn you for skipping the fine elements if you’re wearing a tuxedo.

4. Sherwani

A thick Silk Sherwani with Resham and Kasab embroidery would be perfect for you if you are a visitor at a close family member’s wedding. Pair this sherwani with a stunning pair of mojaris to complete the regal look.

5. Indo Western Sherwani

If there is one design of sherwani that is currently trending and most popular this wedding season, it is the Indo-western style. It’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice among the millennial population these days

6. Accessories Are Important

Keeping with the semi-formal theme, there’s now some room for personalization (remember, no business suit styling). Socks, ties, and pocket squares with unique designs are encouraged. When in doubt, opt for a knitted tie or a suede monk over a patterned tie or a colored shoe. The texture is understated but wonderful.


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