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What qualities do you look for in a college facility?

Many students get confused for several reasons when trying to apply for college. The first reason is over-enthusiastic relatives. Who try to guide you through their own experience. W=hich is bound to falter as our times have changed and the way students look at colleges is entirely different.

According to your need, you can search for junior colleges in thane for commerce or other. Many colleges will pop up with varying college facilities. But sometimes, it’s not the rank that is what matters. The ambience, the performance and the affordability also matter. If you still feel clueless, then this article will guide you.

  • Graduation rate:Though most students will look for a college’s graduation rate, be it an undergrad or grad, you need to check their dropout rate. This can be tricky, provided that not all the time college is responsible for the dropouts; neither the excellent graduation rate defines the quality of study in a college. You can safely assume that a school has a reasonable grad rate be consider.
  • Financial aid:It doesn’t matter where your graduate or what college facilities they provide if you end up taking more loans than what you can pay, then there is absolutely no benefit to choosing the college. Most undergrad college, like Holywrit school, has a good scholarship programme that provides more money than any public school.
  • Internship opportunities:best colleges always provide the opportunity to do internships with reputed companies, and their connection gives students a chance to interact with industry professionals. There is always plenty of time to gain first-hand experience from doing internships during summer vacation or during college time. Apart from that, you should also check the chance of going abroad.

With good undergrad schools like Holywrit school, you have the opportunity to do internships with MNCs in their head office. You can check from the college’s websites whether they fund the process. Even if they don’t, you should also verify whether doing the internship abroad will affect the studies of your current semester or not. Generally. The colleges that provide good facilities also think of this problem that may arise from this, so students need not think about this.

  • Curriculum: Ultimately, you will spend a lot of time studying, be it the first semester or last. Even if you are a non-serious student, you need to score good marks. And more often than not, the course curriculum must be exciting and engaging.

All colleges have a different kind of course structure though catering to the same set of guidelines. Their goal and the way to be taught should not be restrictive. It should always be on par with global universities and colleges so that when any student applies for international study, they must not feel less. Thus, the curriculum plays a vital role in selecting the college.

  • Extra activities:best colleges always have the right kind of clubs to promote extracurricular activities like sports, dance, singing, or even theatre. Multiple times, students who have enrolled themselves for some course or degree via different college facilities like clubs found their true calling and passion for little different paths of career. This is one of the best features of good colleges like Holywrit school.
  • Health and wellness: The exemplary campuses always have in-house doctors and counsellors who can take care of sudden emergencies. When the college is large and responsible for a large chunk of students, they have this facility.


When you enrol yourself on an undergrad subject or other course, it is an important decision that may affect your future. Think of it with immense responsibility and sound research.

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