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What quran say about loving your husband


Quran has introduced a very good chapter about the relationship Between husband and wife because it is considered to be a very pious relationship that should not break in any circumstances. If you have faith in Allah then you should read such verses by which you will be able to understand the deep and precious elements of love in it. Quran tries to resolve all issues and arguments between husband and wife to save the life of his children in every situation he looks.

What does the Quran say about loving your husband ?

Quran is in favor that nature will introduce your husband with a tremendous sign That you will find a suitable husband for you with whom you should stay obedient and full of love. You must share your love, care, and support with your husband in every situation he asks for.  You will get sufficient love and peace from your husband if you stay beside him whenever he wants. Quran also says that husbands only love and respect their wife in return for all the efforts they do in their lifetime.

Is it good to love your husband even when he is wrong?

According to Islam, men face So many problems and critics in their lifetime and because of this, they behave rudely to their wives frequently. They should not be confused with cheating because husbands try to cope with their situations. Instead, you should support them and ask for help if they want it from you so that both of you can live happily and peacefully together. Husbands need proper attention and affection from their wives to deal with their life problems many times.

Important note

It is very important to understand the concept of love in such a way that both of you can lead a great life. It is very necessary for your upcoming family because this will increase love in husband’s heart quraniduain. Both of you will support each other and stay together If things are going right between both of you. Otherwise, it is very hard to create peace and clarity between both of you if the communication is not going right. Also, you can read Dua to make your husband love you so that Allah will shower blessings, love, and care upon you so that both of you will stay happy and live longer together.


What to do when husband or s not listening to me?

When husband is not listening to you, you should communicate well with your husband in such a way that things get clear between both of you to get to a conclusion. This way, you will be able to solve the problem and arguments in less time.

How can I stop my husband from going to other women?

If husband gets enough love from his wife, then he will not go to other women. You have to pay proper attention to loving your husband and take care of his likes and dislikes so that he will not go to other women to get pleasure.


Quran is Concerned about love in a very disciplined manner and it never wants its children to go in the wrong direction. Hence, in life, if you ever feel lost and not able to find the law, then you can ask the Allah by doing a prayer to find a great husband for marriage so that he will guide you in such a way that you will be able to find a proper life partner for you. This way, you will find a great husband for you who will keep you happy and like a queen. This will help you to increase the love between both of you for the rest of your life.

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