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What Safety Precautions Should You Take with Cordless Chainsaws?

The modern age of convenience and innovation has brought about cordless chainsaws, which are now popular among homeowners as well as professionals. These convenient tools provide the freedom of movement without cords, perfect for many uses, from trimming branches to cutting firewood. However, as with any other power tool, cordless chainsaws can be prone to accidents if used improperly. That is why safety training should be mastered before starting any work with a chainsaw. In this blog, we’ll discuss the safety measures you should take to ensure your cordless chainsaw experience is safe and successful.

What are Cordless Chainsaws? 

Compared to gas chainsaws or those powered by electricity, cordless ones are battery-operated. This design provides mobility and eliminates cords, making them more flexible for outdoor activities. Thanks to the innovations in battery technology, modern cordless chainsaws are capable of delivering power and performance as that offered by their counterparts with cords.

Safety Gear and Equipment

The cordless chainsaw must be operated with the right safety equipment. Properly investing in the right equipment can minimize risks such as accidents and injuries.

Here is a breakdown of the safety gear you should have: 

  • Gloves: Use durable gloves that are meant for chainsaw handling to protect your hands from cuts and abrasions.
  • Eye Protection: Protect your eyes from flying debris and sawdust using safety goggles or a full face shield.
  • Hearing Protection: Lower the chances of hearing loss due to long-term exposure to high noise levels by using earplugs or earmuffs.
  • Boots: Wear strong, non-slippery boots with steel toe caps to protect your feet from landed branches and unintended cuts.

A well-maintained safety gear is also critical. Check them often for any signs of damage and replace them when necessary to ensure optimum protection.

Pre-Operational Safety Checks

Before starting any cutting tasks, it’s crucial to perform a series of pre-operational safety checks on your cordless chainsaw. 

  • Inspection: Inspect the chainsaw for any damage or anomaly, such as loose parts and leaks. Before use, make sure that all parts are functioning correctly.
  • Chain Tension: Make sure the chain is not loose and set it up as directed by the manufacturer. A loose chain heightens the possibility of kickbacks and other accidents.
  • Battery and Power Source: Ensure the battery is fully charged. Confirm that the power source, either a battery pack or charger, is intact and undamaged.
  • Clearing the Work Area: Eliminate any barriers, rubbish or trip hazards from the work area. Make sure there is enough room to operate the chainsaw without any obstruction.

Safe Operating Techniques

Now that you’ve learned the necessary precautions, it’s time to master safe operating techniques for your cordless chainsaw.

  • Proper Stance and Grip: Place yourself firmly, keeping your feet about shoulder-width apart and hold the chainsaw handles tightly. Maintain your balance to improve stability and control when cutting.
  • Correct Cutting Techniques: Place the chainsaw in an angle and at a height that is appropriate for your work. Move the saw smoothly and steadily through the wood without too much force. 
  • Understanding Kickback: You should also be wary of kickback, a sudden reaction that can take place when the tip of a chainsaw touches an object or is pinched in the wood. Decrease the instance of kickback by holding firmly and never cutting with the tip of the bar.
  • Maintaining Control: Maintain control while the chainsaw is running. Do not cut above shoulder height and avoid reaching over your head, as this can affect balance and the control of the saw.

Handling and Storage Tips

Proper handling and storage of your cordless chainsaw are essential for extending its lifespan and preventing accidents.

  • Handling: When not in use, always transport the chainsaw with the blade guard and chain brake on. Do not leave the chainsaw unattended or in reach of children and unauthorized users.
  • Storage: Keep the chainsaw in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Keep it locked up to avoid unwanted access and also prevent accidental damage.
  • Transportation: When transporting the chainsaw, make sure that it is properly secured so as not to shift or fall during transit. Protect the blade with a sheath or cover so that it minimizes injury.

Emergency Procedures

However, even when all precautions are taken, emergencies still happen. It’s essential to be prepared and know how to respond effectively.

  • Dealing with Unexpected Situations: Remain composed and evaluate the situation very carefully. In case the chainsaw jams, or fails to function properly; turn it off and wait for its blade to stop spinning before attempting a fix.
  • First Aid Basics: Be acquainted with common first aid procedures for applying to cuts, lacerations and other chainsaw-related injuries. Keep a first aid kit, and do not hesitate to go for medical attention in case of serious injuries.
  • Emergency Plan: Ensure that there is an emergency plan in place, with the contact details of relevant authorities and hospitals nearby. Make sure that all the people who are involved in chainsaw operations know of it and how to implement it effectively.

Final Words!

The most important thing to learn when using a cordless chainsaw is safety. If you abide by the safety rules provided in this guide, it is possible to reduce many accidents and injuries while using chainsaws. After all, safety should always be the number one priority, so take a moment to become familiar with your chainsaw and use safe operating practices every time you run it. With the right safety measures and a positive attitude, you can undertake any cutting job with confidence. Happy and safe sawing!

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