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What to Do If IVF Fails?

IVF is a great treatment option for a ton of couples. It can grant people their wish to become parents when they did not think it was possible. However, the reality is that IVF does not always work. At least not on the first attempt. Many couples have to go through more than one IVF cycle before they can become pregnant. The IVF center in Secunderabad has a reputation for the majority of successes in IVF treatment and has successfully brought happiness to the lives of many couples. 

Reasons For Failed IVF Treatment:

The reasons why your IVF treatment might have failed could be as follows: 

  1. Problems with embryo or egg/sperm: Problems with the egg or sperm can be overcome by either using advanced sperm selection techniques, adding antioxidants to the male, adopting good lifestyle choices, doing a proper stimulation for controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, using adjuvants before the ovarian stimulation, or using egg donation or sperm donation. 
  2. Problems with the uterus from which the embryo is being transferred: Problems with the Embryo can be overcome by pre-implantation genetic screening, choosing the best embryo to transfer, and increasing the number of embryos being transferred, albeit slightly higher risk of multiple pregnancies. Problems with the uterus can be corrected by subjecting her to a 3D USG and hysteroscopy to find and correct problems in the uterine cavity where the embryos will be transferred.  
  3. Transfer Technique: Also, determining the window of implantation by doing an Endometrial Receptivity Assay and planning for a personalized transfer according to the receptivity status is better. An endometrial scratch, cavity wash with HCG, embryo glue and pre-endometrial scratch are great techniques offered by advanced centers to increase the implantation rates markedly. 

Why Does IVF Fail Despite a Healthy Embryo?

Some couples have had unsuccessful IVF treatments despite having perfectly healthy embryos. This is primarily due to the fact that the success rate is not solely dependent on the embryos. There are a few additional factors that influence the outcomes. Oasis fertility Secunderabad is the best IVF clinic that has high success rates. 

We will go over why IVF fails even with good embryos and what you can do to overcome those flaws for a successful conception. 

  • Female Age: According to one study, the chances of live birth from a single round of egg retrieval in women aged 34 and under were 52.4 %, while the rate dropped dramatically in women aged 35-44 years. Following IVF treatment, older women were also at a higher risk of miscarriage. 
  • Genetic and Chromosomal Effect: Aneuploidy, which results in too few or too many chromosomes in the cell, is one of the most common genetic or chromosomal defects. This condition increases the chances of miscarriage or failed IVF implantation. 
  • Embryo Implantation Failure: Failed implantation can be caused by chromosomal defects in the embryo or a non-receptive endometrium. So, if your body is refusing to accept the embryo, resulting in recurrent implantation failure, you should consult with your fertility specialist.
  • IVF Cycle Cancellation: One of the most important reasons for a failed IVF treatment is the cancellation of IVF cycles. This is a condition in which the ovary has fewer developed follicle reserves during the stimulation phase of fertility treatment. As a result, the egg retrieval is cancelled. Although IVF cycle cancellation can be extremely disheartening and discouraging. It is always preferable to have a healthy fertilization and implantation procedure rather than another failure.

What to do after IVF Fails?

Remember that the cause of the failure determines the next step in your IVF treatment journey. 

Give It Another Shot – If this is your first failed IVF treatment, your infertility specialist will recommend that you undergo another cycle of treatment. 

Third-Party Donor – A third-party donor is another viable option for failed IVF. This is critical for women who have poor egg quality or ovarian function issues. Before the procedure, the donors are generally under the age of 30, anonymous, and screened. 

Surrogacy – If IVF treatment fails to produce results, your last option may be surrogacy. It is an expensive procedure that requires a significant amount of legal work. So, before you consider it, make sure you have all the facts straight. 

Final Words:

Just because you had a failed IVF attempt does not mean you should stop trying to conceive. That is not at all the case. You need to reevaluate and make sure that you are happy with your doctor, your clinic. The services you are receiving before attempting again. Also, talk with your doctor about what he or she thinks might have gone wrong. If there is anything that you or your partner can do to help things go smoothly the next time around. Choose a clinic that has professional doctors and high success rates. Oasis fertility Secunderabad has a wide range of fertility treatments and has helped thousands of couples get pregnant.

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