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What You Should Know About Sports Physicals

Fall is almost here, which means it is time to compete in various sports. However, before you start training for any sports, you must ensure that you are in good shape. Most sports require physical skills, which means the body needs to be a hundred percent fit. Besides investing in a good uniform and preparing snacks, you also need to book an appointment for sports physicals. If you are curious about what this is, continue reading this post. 

What are Sports Physicals? 

To participate in any sport, athletic departments demand that all athletes undergo sports physicals. Scheduling an appointment with your doctor for a sports physical is important because it lets athletes know if they are physically fit. The doctor will explain if the sports activity puts the athlete in any danger. 

Pre-participation physical examination (PPE) is another name for sports physicals. It is a sports physical exam for doctors to assess whether athletes are healthy enough to participate in any sports activity. Sports physicals are necessary for many states before a child can take part in any new sport. Before starting any competitive sports season, undergoing a sports physical exam is necessary. Even if it is not a condition, it is important to take a physical test. A sports physical exam is usually conducted at the doctor’s office or school. A medical professional should be there to supervise the examination. A physician should be present during the evaluation because they understand better how the body works. 

What to Expect During a Sports Physical

Different providers will perform sports physicals differently. Medical professionals usually ask for medical history during a physical exam. One of the doctor’s questions is whether you are suffering from any preexisting medical condition. He or she will also ask regarding your general health. The physician also needs to know about the family’s health history. The doctor will also need to know if the patient is under medication. Sports physicals are just the same as annual checkups. The difference is that the doctor will ask about the kind of sport you often participate in. The doctor usually focuses on the areas are the heart, bones, joints, and lungs health. 

Below are some of the tests that your provider will do during sports physical:

  • Measuring of height and weight 
  • Get your blood pressure and heart rate 
  • Test how well your vision is 
  • Conduct a physical check-up of your nose, belly, throat, mouth, heart, and lungs 
  • Evaluate the athlete’s joints, strengths, posture, and flexibility

Your provider will also want to get more information about:

  • The athlete’s diet
  • If a person is using any supplements, alcohol, or drugs 
  • The physician will prompt women or girls to provide information about their menstrual cycle

Benefits of taking sports physicals 

Any athlete will be anxious about participating in sports. The athlete’s safety comes first, no matter how much they’d love to participate in the game. Many schools in the United States prompt kids to undergo sports physicals for their safety. This is popularly referred to as a pre-participation physical exam (PPE). Sports physicals are necessary for any child who is about to participate in competitive sports. 

Athletes under the age of eighteen usually undergo sports physicals every year. This goes to show how important the examination or. Other important included:

  • To know whether a person is physically fit to take part in that particular sport
  • To confirm or check whether a person is suffering any preexisting conditions, serious health problems, or injuries 


Before you decide to participate in any sports, you need to take a sports physical exam. This will help you know if the body can handle such physically demanding activity. Most schools require their kids to undergo these tests to avoid health complications brought about by sports. This helps to make sure the child is safe. Medical professionals are the best people to conduct these tests. 

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