When Will You Get Better Motorhome Deals?

It is imperative to know the best time of the year to buy the best motorhome deal that will help you create happy memories of many years. Motorhome purchase includes researching the perfect model, knowing the timing and looking for finance options.

Buying Brand New

If you want to buy a brand new motorhome, the start of each calendar year between January and March is the best time. Travellers are more willing to hit the road once the weather gets pleasant. People who want to explore Australia using their RV’s typically take the trips in April and May when the weather is enjoyable. Motorhome manufacturers and dealers have set up their production cycle accordingly to match the demand. Manufacturers design newer models and upgrade existing motorhomes during the winter months, which helps them start selling from November onward. New models will be available at this time, and it is a favourable time for the buyer to check them out to uncover the best Motorhome model at the best price. Furthermore, you will get the best bargain, especially in the different shows and open days dealers and manufacturers organise.

Buying a Second-hand Motorhome

For buying a second-hand motorhome, January and February are a good time of the year. Many rental companies will set up a fleet of vehicles for the summer business but may put them for sale after some months. These rental motorhomes may have clocked low mileage around 35,000 to 40,000 kilometres with modest wear and tear. During winter, you might dish out a good bargain as the footfalls are significantly lower, but you may have fewer choices.

Test Driving Your Motorhome

As it is summer, the weather is pleasant for making a test drive, which will help you to build confidence before taking it for long trips around Australia. Search for a nearby holiday park that may be around two or three hours from your home, set up camp for a night. During your camping, try to use all of the appliances, find out how to connect everything to power and launch your awning. The dealer or manufacturer might have detailed you concerning all of these features at the time of purchase, but you have not got a chance to practice using them. And if you run into issues, contact the dealer or manufacturer for assistance, and help will be at hand.

Final Words

Uncovering the best time of the year to buy a motorhome may not be a difficult task, but have you thought about what the best time of your life maybe? People from different age groups, such as couples, families and even grey nomads, think of purchasing a motorhome. It would have been better for grey nomads if they got an opportunity to experience the motorhome lifestyle much earlier in their lives. Even if they could hire a rental motorhome for holidaying once a year, it could give them the confidence to purchase their motorhome once they retire.

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