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Where are the raw diamond found

Most people think that diamonds are a piece of coal that turned into a raw diamond. As a result of pressure and intense heat. But science has proven this information wrong and the reason is that coal was from plants in the early ages. While the life of diamonds is much more than that, meaning that diamonds are many years before the existence of plants. Despite that Diamonds are of carbon origin. Carbon is the most important chemical component in the universe. It comes in three forms: graphite, coal, and raw diamond. They are identical atomic numbers. But differ in molecular structure, as they give each element different physical properties. This means that diamonds are carbon. That has acquired different physical properties due to natural factors. Geologists say that the diamonds in the earth’s crust are in the layer of the earth’s membrane. And with the occurrence of volcanoes deep inside the globe. They go out to the mines on the surface.

Raw diamond

As these eruptions produce the so-called kimberlite and lamproite channels. And these channels are the mines where prospectors are looking for diamonds. But these Places of great pressure and extreme heat are the appropriate environment for diamonds to form. It is worth noting that they are found in specific areas of the Earth. And scientists believe that they are located under the continental plates. Raw diamond formation occurs in clouds at a depth of 80 kilometers below the surface of the earth and at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Some geologists say that the strikes that the Earth received from asteroids in the old days produced tremendous pressure and heat. That exceeded the temperature of the surface of the sun. Which contributed to the formation of diamonds. While scientists supported their theory by the presence of small diamond stones in several locations. That was subjected to asteroid strikes on Earth. It was later cut into nine stones of different shapes.

Where to get diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most valuable natural elements. As they are extracted from natural mines on the earth. In the eighteenth century. India was the country that produced the most diamonds. Then Brazil came to the fore in diamond mining, then South Africa. Which has a large stockpile of precious metals, than Australia and Russia. And there are many countries that have raw diamond mines. It is worth noting that the largest diamond that was extracted weighed 750 grams or 3,000 carats.

Information about diamonds

The following is a mention of the most important information about diamonds.

Diamond shapes:

Diamonds have many forms that are distinguished, and the most famous of them are:

  • round
  • marquise
  • Emerald
  • heart shape
  • pear shape
  • square shape
  • oval

Terms associated with diamonds:

When talking about diamonds, you must know some of the terms associated with diamonds. Here are the terms that are most used when talking about diamonds:

Cutting is the way the stone is cut when extracted and is what gives it shape and luster.

Purity means that the raw diamond is free of impurities, which affects the value of the stone.

A carat is a unit of measurement for the weight of diamonds and one carat consists of 100 parts. Stones that weigh a full carat are very expensive and very rare.

Diamond plant

It is a spiny plant like a palm tree that only grows near rocks that contain diamonds. The reason for this is that the plant feeds on phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium.

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