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Where To Buy Residential Flats in North Kolkata Within 40 Lakhs

Flats for Sale in Kolkata

Kolkata is called the city of joy, and for a big reason. The city is filled with enthusiasm, love, respect, and a shared passion for food. Moreover, a robust commute system across the length and breadth of the city ensures everyone knows everyone. As a result, Kolkata is a place where you will not feel lonely even when you’re alone taking a stroll down the Prinsep Ghat or going book hunting on College Street. The good news is that Kolkata’s essence is branching out to the city’s outskirts as well. And, with the rise in the construction of flats in places like Madhyamgram, moving into top-class apartments has never been more profitable.

There are many flats in north Kolkata, but finding the right one requires some research. Furthermore, finding flats in Kolkata for under 40 lakhs is difficult due to the city’s commercial and industrial development. As a result, people are looking toward ready-to-move flats in Madhyamgram on the city’s outskirts. With top-class amenities provided by these apartments, the decision to branch out into the city’s fringes has become an easy one.

While flats in Kolkata and other cities have seen changes in buying habits, flats in Madhyamgram have seen a significant increase in sales. Let us delve deep to understand why this area is the best investment option for most –

Flats In North Kolkata: A Lucrative Investment Option


Spacious homes – When we consider moving to the outskirts of Kolkata, the first thing that comes to mind is more space. Your flat in North Kolkata is more open and tranquil, thanks to environmentally friendly homes, and has more advanced amenities.

Top-Notch Amenities – Well-ventilated and planned to perfection are these apartments. Overlooking the Hooghly bridge, the view through your windows instantly feels you a sense of calmness. In addition, amenities like swimming pools, games rooms, dedicated workstations, and Adda Zones make these apartments desirable.

Convenient Commute – Even though these places are located on the outskirts of Kolkata, transport communication is convenient. Areas like BT Road and Madhyamgram are

well-connected via metros, buses, and trains. Moreover, schools, colleges, malls, and essentials are nearby, making these flats viable options for moving in.

Safety and Security – These factors are one of the most vital for investing in real estate. The builders in these regions have made a reputation for themselves. Therefore, they are known to pay extra attention to the safety of the residents living here so that they can live stress-free.

Investment Value – If we consider an option that benefits you from every perspective – flats in places like Madhyamgram, whether small or large, become an asset for every customer. A flat in a good location with the best amenities makes it a great candidate for future selling.

Final Thoughts

The essence of Kolkata is slowly spreading to its fringes. The lesser-known places are gaining prominence in terms of amenities and convenience. Such features and convenience have increased the value proposition of these flats in north Kolkata. With the rise of residential projects in these areas, there has never been a better time to book apartments. If you’re looking for such options, consider giving Signum Group a visit here.

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