Which degreasing product to use for your professional kitchens?

Respect for hygiene in professional or industrial kitchens requires effective and suitable professional cleaning products to eliminate all traces of grease. It is as much a question here of maintaining a level of hygiene compatible with the standards in force in the food trades as of guaranteeing the durability of the materials, equipment and utensils.

Summary :

  • Which food-processing cleaning product to degrease a professional kitchen?
  • 1. You must use a food contact cleaning product.
  • 2. The food-processing cleaning product must be suitable for each type of surface we want to clean.
  • Manual and machine kitchen degreaser

Oven, grill, extractor hood, deep fryer, piano, cooking utensils, the surfaces exposed to grease splashes are numerous. And that’s not counting the floor, the wall tiles or the doors. Having trouble finding the right food-grade cleaner  for your professional kitchen?

This week we help you make the right choice.

 Which food-processing cleaning product to degrease a professional kitchen?

Dissolving grease involves two essential rules, regardless of whether it is hot or cold.

1. You must use a food contact cleaning product.

A degreasing product is not always a food degreaser. However, to degrease and strip all the washable surfaces of your professional kitchen, the ability of a detergent (food disinfectant degreasing detergent ) to come into contact with foodstuffs has two main objectives: to guarantee that the product does not present any danger to human health and does not lead to any modification or alteration of food (composition, organoleptic characteristics).

2. The food-processing cleaning product must be suitable for each type of surface to be cleaned.

The equipment and equipment of a professional kitchen can be designed in a wide variety of materials, provided that they comply with hygiene and food safety standards.

Admittedly, there are  multi-purpose kitchen degreasers which make it possible to clean the hob, worktop, fryer, etc. with a single product. But it is imperative to carefully read the instructions for use of all your equipment and kitchen elements, and to Follow the maintenance instructions to avoid damaging them. For example, a kitchen degreaser for stainless steel will not be suitable for copper or aluminum.

Kitchen degreasing cleaner comes in different presentation forms: diluted liquid, ready-to-use wipes and spray, concentrated or very concentrated liquid to dilute, or scouring cream containing an abrasive which reinforces the degreasing action. 

Manual and machine kitchen degreaser

To keep your kitchen in an impeccable state of cleanliness, you must also make sure to degrease the floors. Using water and a professional degreasing product or a professional scrubber dryer is the best way to maintain greasy or soil floors. The use of this machine requires a scrubber-dryer degreaser.

Some detergents for the food industry degrease many surfaces, from floor to ceiling, and are particularly effective in removing, baked-on and adhering grease on hoods, grease filters, etc. They can even be helpful with a scrubber or pressure washer when non-foaming.

Manufacturers have developed 100% ecological and responsible cleaning maintenance solutions. Specially made for floors and high surfaces that perfectly meet the needs of catering professionals. Less toxic to humans and the environment, the degreaser is made from plant-based ingredients and is just as effective.

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