Why a green and red striped shirt belong in your wardrobe

Embrace your inner Freddy Krueger and treat yourself with a green and red red and green striped shirt. It is an excellent combination of two primary colors. It is perfect for most social outings and gives a great casual look. Although, don’t just take our word for it. There is a lot of science behind this combination. We will get deeper into it later.

Before we get to the red and green color variants, let us discuss the hows and whys of wearing a striped shirt. Firstly, as a Fashion enthusiast, you need to know that at least 13 varieties of striped shirts are available in demand. So, let’s take a peek at some of them.

Bengal stripes

These stripes work best on menswear. The lines are usually of two vertical colors and are central, with usually 1/4th spacing between them.

Banker stripes

It has an identical look as to Bengal stripes. However, there is 1/8th spacing between the bars. It is a unisex clothing style and suits better in white-collar settings.


Pinstripe is another equally famous stripes style among men and women. It has distinctive alternate wide and narrow stripes with wider ones usually of a darker shade.

Breton stripes

Breton stripes were officially introduced as the French seamen’s uniform. Initially, it had precisely 21 lines, each representing French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte’s victorious battles. However, this has become a part of western fashion as celebrities wear Breton striped shirts. For instance, Kate Middleton was photographed by paparazzi wearing a Breton stripes shirt.

Nowadays, there are numerous variations in striped shirts in the market. Some other names include:

  • Candy stripes
  • Roman stripes
  • Barcode stripes
  • Cabana stripes

So many options, so little budget

Regardless of all these striped shirts variations, it would be best to be firm when you decide what you want. One essential factor behind looking good is being confident in what you are wearing. Nevertheless, money doesn’t grow on trees for most of us. There is only so much you can spend on your wardrobe. Whereas, even if you have a hefty budget, blowing a big chunk on just striped shirts doesn’t seem like a great idea.

Keeping this in mind, you should consider colors for bicolored apparel. The best combination you can get is of complementary colors.

How complementary colors work

Complementary colors are a pair of colors that cancel each other’s hue when put together or beside each other. Hence, result in complementing each other. It creates a perfect contrast and looks pleasant. To understand better, some examples of complementary colors are:

  •  Black and white
  • Yellow and black
  • Green and red
  • Orange and blue

The best option for selecting a striped shirt

Since there are two colors involved, there is only one way you can look “poppin'” literally. When two polar opposite colors are put together in a sole image, create a solid contrasting palette. This phenomenon is called “Popping.” For example, red and green are polar opposite colors, therefore work great together. No wonder Santa makes his elves wear green and red.

It gets boring if you keep showing up with your striped shirt and your regular pair of pants. Therefore, it is important to mix things up and create a good look for yourself. Here are some ways you can rock your striped shirt.

Striped shirt with a denim jacket

It is safe to assume that everything looks good with a denim jacket. Just wear your shirt, put on some khaki or olive-colored chinos, and you are good to go. Sneakers and loafers should be the first choice of footwear for this ensemble.

Dark-colored Zipper jacket

It is about time the world realizes something. Even though Joe Goldberg was a psychopathic maniac, that man knew how to dress. A zipper jacket on your striped shirt, a pair of sunglasses, and denim jeans can do wonders for you on a lazy Tuesday. Just make sure you are not lurking, or you might look like a stalker.

Suit up with a striped shirt

It is a semi-formal look that is best for casual events. Wearing an overcoat with a Bengal striped shirt and matching pants with the suit is a perfect look for any social gathering.

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