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Why are Fountain Pens so Popular?

The charm of a fountain pen is very delightful and thus even in the 21st century where electronic devices are preferred, the classic fountain pens haven’t lost their importance and favoritism. Since the sales of fountain pens have doubled in 2022, it is important to understand if fountain pen are really worth it. 

Well, they surely are. After all, the major purpose of a pen is to provide writing comfort. Let us understand the qualities of a fountain pen that have made it easy to create favoritism among its audience.

Reasons fountain pens are so popular: 

  • Sophistication – 

Fountain pens are sophisticated, unlike other pens. They are impressionable. There is a reason behind Fountain pens being used for signing treaties. It is very classic as well as stylish to use a fountain pen in important meetings because they have a very promising aura. There are a number of celebrities that keep on sharing the kind of fountain pens they have which shows how desirable they are.      

  • Improved Writing Experience – 

Fountain pens are not just pleasing writing tools, they also have a great significance in improving your handwriting. The writing flow of the pen helps to improve handwriting. It provides you with fatigue-free handwriting and the stamina of writing remains the same till the end. This is the reason why fountain pens are considered a very good option for anyone and everyone who has to sit for longer writing sessions.   

  • Personalized Style – 

Another advantage of using a fountain pen is that they come in a number of designs. You can even choose from a variety of nibs that come in different sizes for different purposes. You can pick a fine, medium, or broad nib according to your comfort and writing styles. Fountain pens are very personal and thus you have a number of options to pick from.    

  • Economical – 

It is important to understand that the fountain pens have proved to be an economical investment in the long term. Though a lot of companies have a number of options to choose from in different budgets, a fountain pen has a longer life and is a versatile option. You can change the nib and ink of the same fountain pen time and again.     

  • Eco-Friendly –

The refills of fountain pens are not just economical but also eco-friendly. The fountain pens generally use a glass cartridge which doesn’t harm the environment. Glass is recyclable and is better than plastic ink refills that take years for disposal. Fountain pens are the ultimate choice in terms of picking up an eco-friendly pen. 

  • Travel Friendly – 

People in the past were skeptical about carrying or using a fountain pen while traveling. The major reason behind it was that they used to leak frequently. But since times have changed and the mechanism of fountain pens has been changed, a well-collected fountain pen doesn’t leak. Thus you may use a fountain pen while traveling in a car, train, or even a plane.   

  • Sociable Aspect 

Fountain pens create social impact. It has been noticed that people tend to trust you more if you use fountain pens. This classic design of a pen is a symbol of loyalty. It leaves an impression of authenticity. Thus if you wish to leave an impression while in a meeting you may go for a fountain pen.  

  • Long-lasting

Fountain pens are long-lasting as they come in a number of variations. You can change the nib and ink of the pen and get a completely new pen without even buying one. Unlike other pens that need to be disposed of once it runs out of ink, you can enjoy your fountain pen for years and years.       


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