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Why are PVC wall and ceiling panels ideal for the commercial kitchen?

Commercial kitchens are high-traffic places where chefs and workers dish out delicacies. The wall and ceiling panels need to have great durability, exceptional strength, and low maintenance costs. . Here are the reasons to choose PVC panels for commercial and industrial applications.

Easy to clean

The commercial kitchen cooking station has to endure a lot of smoke and heat. The soot staining and damaging the walls is a nuisance. Installing PVC wall and ceiling panels is ideal for dealing with the blackened walls. Tiles, FRP panels, and drywall are not a great choice as they stain easily, rot, and get damaged with time. The PVC wall panels don’t fade and are resistant to staining. The vinyl panels have a non-porous surface that doesn’t allow dirt, debris, or filth to reside on them. The vinyl wall panels are easy to clean with a damp mop.  Vinyl panels are resistant to most chemicals and don’t rust, rot or lose their luster easily.


The vinyl wall and ceiling panels made from 100% virgin material are water-resistant and durable. Unfortunately, the kitchen walls and ceilings are prone to moisture damage and mold build-up. Installing high-end vinyl panels ensures a damp-free environment that restricts mold growth and mildew infestation. The vinyl panels have no crevices to hide the waste matter, filth, and debris around its corner. The premium quality wall panels have an inner webbed truss design that offers great strength in high-traffic areas. The trusscore vinyl panels are impact-resistant and have ½ inch thickness to offer good insulation. The hygienic wall panels don’t get wet and shed off excess liquids from the surface. Choose PVC panels over traditional wall materials for a mold-free, antibacterial, and hygienic commercial kitchen counter.  

Fire resistant 

Vinyl panels are resistant to fire and inflammable. The PVC panels have Class A fire resistance and are ideal for commercial kitchens where flare-ups can get dangerous within minutes. Vinyl panels can control an unprecedented fire outbreak within an hour. PVC panels are non-combustible and inflammable. The panels are self-extinguishing, washable, waterproof, and come with high-temperature resistance.

Wrapping up 

Get the high-end wall panels from the Duramax factory directly to your commercial kitchen within 2 weeks. The premium quality wall panels come customized in DIY kits and offer a hassle-free installation that takes only a few hours. Request a quote. Book your no-cost consultation today. Duramax offers a free vinyl panel sample. 

Author bio – Angelina Lorton was looking for PVC ceiling and wall panels. She found Duramax online and decided to order customized wall and ceiling panels for her commercial kitchen.  Angelina recommends businesses invest in Duramax panels.

Summary – The vinyl wall and ceiling panels made from virgin material offer great durability, strength, water resistance, and easy installation. The PVC wall and ceiling panels are fire-resistant and easy to clean. The vinyl panels are white, bright, and light-reflective, making them ideal for commercial kitchens, food facilities, and restaurants. Choose the antibacterial vinyl panels over FRP or drywall.


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