Why Demand for Volumetric Concrete Mixers Is on The Rise?

Volumetric Concrete Mixers

The volumetric mixer provides a fresh pour every time, eliminating time spent waiting for a drum mixer and the worry of hot fills or overflows. Suppliers have found that on-demand bulk mixing is less expensive, more time-efficient, more versatile, and offers a better return on investment. In addition, it allows many of them to expand their business to serve both their own needs and the needs of other suppliers. It does not even require much labour to operate the machinery. This means you can save on labour costs as well.

Concrete will always be in demand. Investing in labour- and time-saving technology such as volumetric mixers can be a good diversification strategy if you’re looking for more profit. Find a concrete mixer company to book your concrete mixer for your job site. Let us now look at the advantages of volumetric concrete mixers.

Advantages of volumetric mixers

Controlling the Quantity

With the volumetric mixer, you pour only what you need. You don’t have to worry about accurate pour estimates on site because you can stop production on command. No need to pay for unused concrete, and no need to order more concrete and wait for the drum mixer to be transferred to the batch. Casting costs are significantly reduced, and the task of travelling to the job site to obtain detailed estimates is eliminated.

Saves Costs

When someone is considering making their own concrete rather than relying on ready-mix supplies, there is an initial investment, but the volumetric concrete mixer can pay for itself within five years. With its own production, concrete costs are reduced by up to 20–40%. This allows you to offer a valuable service with a profitable return.

Preferable for Remote Location

When the construction site is in a remote location, the drum mixer cannot reach it, or it reaches it with very poor quality and partially settled concrete. This means that more water needs to be added, creating weaker concrete. With a volumetric mixer, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic because the concrete doesn’t start to harden when the aggregate is stored separately. You can take the volumetric concrete truck to remote areas easily and get fresh concrete every time.

Controlling the Quality

The best concrete is the freshest concrete. You can work with fresh concrete without reducing its strength by adding water. When the drum mixer comes to the site, you get what’s in the drum. The volumetric mixer allows the mix design, slump, and fresh concrete admixtures to be changed on-site.

Reducing Wastage

One of the most significant benefits of a volumetric mixer is the reduction of wastage. You can avoid the excess cost by mixing only the concrete that is needed for that project. Once it is done, you can dispatch the traditional ready-mix concrete. This means that any sudden change in the project can lead to unnecessary wastage of concrete.

Environmentally Friendly

Using volumetric mixers is not only cost-effective but also good for the environment. The waste generated by concrete mixing is reduced by mixing only what you need. Especially when building far from the plant, owning a bulk mixer avoids the long transport times and repeated trips that ready mix trucks would have to make. Plus, you can recycle the materials in your mix. Demolished concrete and latex paint are just two of the materials that can be reused. Latex can help create a thick mixture that does not require de-foaming to remove air. It’s another way to save time and money on the site.

Increasing ROI

Buying raw materials such as sand, stone, and cement in bulk can save 40 to 50 per cent per yard over using ready-mixed concrete. A cubic yard of ready-mix costs $100, but you can make it yourself for $50 to $60 with a volumetric mixer, with no short load fees, no excess or waste, and no hot batch rejection. The driver is the concrete manufacturer, which reduces labour costs. Since the crew doesn’t have to wait for a finished car, more work gets done in less time, which means more jobs can be completed in one day. As a result, contractors who fill only 1,500 yards each year can recoup their investment in trucks and materials in about two years.


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