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Why do Teens Try Alcohol and Drugs? Let’s Explore The Factors

As people move into the adulthood stage, they often encounter changes in their life, including physical, emotional and lifestyle variations. Developmental changes, such as adolescence and growing independence have been connected with alcohol abuse. Thus, by just being an adolescent can be a risk factor to use alcohol and worse, getting addicted to it.

Why do Teens Try Alcohol and Drugs?

As a parent, One of your responsibilities is to know the common factors that may contribute in the alcoholism development of your child in order for you to talk to them effectively. About the very dangers of consuming and abusing the substance and the importance of seeking rehabilitation centers for addiction treatments to healthy lifestyle.

Risk Taking

Studies show that a person’s brain keeps on developing well in the age of twenties, during this period of time. The brain continues to form vital communication construction and further improves its function. Researchers believe that this brain developmental change can help in explaining the behavior of adolescents in exploring new and possibly risky situations. Unfortunately, some teens may seek thrilling situations with alcohol experimentation.


The teenage days are a time of raising, trying out new effects, and revolving into an grown-up. Kiddies endure that lots of grown-ups use and abuse alcohol and drugs. So it isn’t unanticipated that they would test them. Teenage trial with alcohol, nicotine, and extensively-accessible softer drugs like marijuana is veritably common.

The casual use may go undetected. However, once utilized regularly, they can snappily become a problem.


Teens that can’t stand being alone doing nothing are at high chance of developing alcoholism. Not only because drinking gives them something to do. But also because drinking helps them fill the isolation that they feel that leads them to alcohol abuse.

Hereditary Factors

Genetics can be directly the reason for the development of alcoholism to an adolescent. Being a child of alcohol-abuser or just by being surrounded by several relatives/family members. Who are alcoholics puts a teen at greater risk of developing alcohol problems. People with alcoholic/drug drug addictive relatives or parents are between 5 to 12 times more possibly to increase alcoholism compared to those who have no alcoholic relative or family members.

Children of alcoholics (COAs) are more likely to engage in underage drinking and experience the consequences of alcohol abuse at an early age. A research shows that genetic influence seems to have more impact in the alcohol drinking behavior of a teen during the late stage of adolescence than in middle adolescence.


Mistaken information about alcohol and other drugs is probably the most preventable factors of all. Approximately, every teen has one friend who claims to be knowledgeable about various substances, especially alcohol and pleased to assure that the dangers are minimal. Drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Connecticut such as local addiction treatment care or rehabilitation centers educate teenagers about alcohol and drug consumption so they acquire the accurate facts about alcohol abuse and ensure to give patients the best addiction treatment possible.

People who begin to drink at an early age are increasing their chances in developing alcohol-related problems including alcoholism. They are also at risk of experiencing negative consequences, such as poor performance at school and unsafe sexual activity.

Your Turn

Recognizing teenagers at greater possibility of developing substance addiction can help to prevent the problem before it develops. Addiction Treatment Care or Medical Review USA offers advanced and comprehensive addiction treatment approaches that are specially developed for teens. These programs are showing success in dealing with alcohol-related problems of young people.

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