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Why Does Mail Search Not Working on macOS?

A common Mac error that frequently happens after switching to a newer macOS version is the Mail Search Not Working on macOS. The search function in your Mailbox app won’t function properly if you have the Apple mail search not working problem. In this blog, we will explain all possible solutions for fixing it quickly. 

Why Doesn’t My Apple Mail Search Not Working?

In order to search and filter content, Apple Mail contains a search area in the upper right corner of the Mail window. Several problems with your Mac could cause the Mail Search to cease working properly. That includes- 

  • Bug problems
  • Problems with Mac’s Mail app and other programs
  • Unreliable macOS
  • Spotlight Search on Mac has problems

Fixing the Mail Search Not Working on macOS Issue 

If your MAC mail search not working, follow these below methods:

1. Clear the Cache and Reset Apple Mail

The performance of Apple Mail Search is subpar due to issues. To fix the bug issues, you must clear the cache in the Mail and reset it.

  •  On the bottom of the screen, click the launchpad.
  • Hit “Search” and type “Activity Monitor” into the box that appears.
  • Select the “Memory” tab once the “Activity Monitor” app has launched.
  • Type “Mail” into the activity tab’s search bar.
  • When it appears in the list, click “Mail.”
  • Now, when a popup window appears, click “Quit.”
  • Press “Confirm,” then “MailCaches,” and follow the same steps.
  • Reopen the Mail app after quitting the activity monitor. Control-click the Mail icon, then select “Quit.”
  • Verify that the search field is operational.

2. Refresh the Apple Mail Account Signed In

It’s a good idea to take this step after using the first strategy. The steps are listed below.

  •  Launch the Mail app.
  • Next, select “Mail” from the menu bar, then “Accounts.”
  • Access the account you wish to delete.
  • Press the minus sign (-).
  • Restarting the Mail app will prompt you to log in to your email account.
  • Enter an email address in the search box to see if it’s functioning.

3. Adjust the Touch Bar’s Settings

Many users who complained that the Apple Mail search function has ceased working have found relief by adjusting or personalizing the touch bar settings. However, you can only use this method if your Mac has a touch bar. You need to launch the Mail app while pressing the Shift key to do it. 

  • First, Open the Mail app.
  • Open the app once more while holding down the Shift key.
  • Close Mail when five seconds have passed.
  • Press the Shift key once more to launch Apple Mail, then once again to close the program.
  • Restart your mobile now, then launch the app as usual. Verify the problem is resolved.

4. To fix Mail Search, Delete the envelope index files. Not functional on a MacBook

  • Launch the finder app on your Mac first.
  • After that, select “go” from the menu bar.
  • At this point, choose “go to folder” from the go menu.
  • Type the next text and press “go” afterward.
    1. -/library/mail/V2/maildata/ (or)
    2. -/library/mail/V7/maildata/ (or)
    3. -/library/mail/V8/maildata/ 
  • After that, pick out every envelope index file and put it in the trash.
  • Empty the trash after that.
  • Restart your iPhone right now.
  • Now open your mail application, try searching your mail, and everything should operate as it should.


These are the only fixes we are aware of for the Mail Search Not Working on macOS issues. We hope one of them has helped you fix the issue on your Mac.

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