Why does YouTube keep stopping?

YouTube Keeps Stopping or Pausing?

YouTube is platform access by the users to watch their favorite videos be it movies, music, series, and many more and they can also download the videos from YouTube as it provides this feature to the users who are using YouTube. And not only this but the users can also the subtitles they want on this platform when they want to by enabling the captions option and they can also select the video quality in which they want to see the video so that it is love as well as liked by the users. But recently the users are dealing with the problem of why do YouTube videos keep stopping which is surely troubling the users that is why in this blog we are going to talk about the same. 

If you are wondering why does YouTube keep stopping then there could be various reasons for the same so let us have a look at the reasons for YouTube stopping. 

  • Issues with loading the content 
  • Issues with the speed of the connection you are using
  • Cache issues 
  • Problem with the headphones you are using 

Solutions to fix the problem of YouTube stopping – 

  1. The first step the users must take is to see if the content you are trying to load on Facebook is load properly or not and if not then you need to check and also fix it so that you do not face this problem any mode and your YouTube do not stop now and then. 
  2. Another fix the users can try to get rid of YouTube keeps stopping is to check the internet connection your are using as if your internet speed is not good and stable then you will surely face this problem again and again which will trouble you so make sure to check the connection you are using.

Video quality      data used 

144 p – 1.9 MB

240p – 2.77 MB

360p – 4.4 MB

480p – 7.7 MB

720p – 14.5 MB

HD 1080p – 27.6 MB

  1. Another way to fix this problem very easily is to clear the cache files of YouTube which might be the one that is causing the actual problem for you and you surely need to get rid of this problem for sure so that you can fix this. 
  2.  The last and the most ignored issue is the issue with the headphones as you might not have wondered but the headphones might be the actual problem because of which you are facing the issues so you need to check for this too. If the headphone jack is not fit properly then also this problem will arise and then also your video on Youtube will keep on stopping so you need to give this a check. 

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