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Why full body checkup is essential?

What is a full body health test? 

As we all have heard the phrase that- Prevention is better than cure. It is absolutely true in the case of human health. We need to take care of our body and prevent it from generating any serious health issues. A full body checkup is very important for people of every age group. From the regular full-body test, we will get an idea about our body if everything is alright. In most cases, no symptoms of any disease or health issue occurred at an earlier stage. We only know about the disease when it becomes serious and turns chronic. Therefore we can say that we never know what is cooking inside a person’s body until it becomes a serious issue. Thus it is very important to go for a regular full body checkup to prevent any medical issue to turn into something serious.

There are many people who are not aware of the importance of a full body checkup and take it for granted. We should understand the need for a full body checkup and know that taking care of health today helps us to save from any serious illness in the future.

What is a full body health test? 

A full-body test is a test of full-body that diagnoses a healthy body and determines the health status of our body regularly. A complete body checkup is very important for regular assessment of all body functions and organs. In a full body test, a person has to undergo a number of tests to give an insight into the condition of their health. A full-body test covers more than 60 tests to diagnose each and every body part which includes kidneys, heart, lungs, livers, eyes, bones, dental, and many more.

Which tests are included in full body checkup packages?

Full-body test packages include a wide number of tests which includes Haemogram, pulmonary function test, Thyroid test, kidneys test, lungs test, liver test, CT calcium score, Chest x-ray, ECG, BMI, vitamin test, USG Abdomen, 2D- Echo, Cardiac test, Pap Smear for females, consultations and many more.

Why do we need a full body checkup?

Due to a busy schedule, polluted environment, unbalanced eating habits, irregular daily routine, mental and physical pressure, and many other reasons, it becomes very difficult to maintain the good health of the body. There, a full body test is important to diagnose the existence of any health issues at an earlier stage.

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