Why Investing in a New Two-Wheeler Can be a Fruitful Venture? 

Without a doubt, the thrill of bike riding is simply incredible. A car restricts you in a box, but a motorcycle gives you freedom and adventure. But there is more. A bike is superior to a vehicle for commuting convenience on any day. The new two-wheeler is not only effortless to operate due to its maneuverability and parking space requirements, but they also aid in reducing travel time around the city. 

Whether commuting to work, running to the neighborhood grocery shop, or visiting a friend in a busy section of the town, a new two-wheeler may assist save significant time. So, below are the top 10 reasons why investing in a new two-wheeler makes so much sense nowadays.

  • Affordability: Two-wheeler vehicles are less costly and more fuel-efficient than cars. They provide as much as six times the mileage of a vehicle. Consequently, if you need to go to work every day, consider how much you may save by moving to a bike!
  • Convenience: In the post-Covid period, when public transportation is overloaded and social distance is the norm, many choose to commute in their automobiles. Here, new two-wheelers have gained immense popularity, particularly in Tier 2 and 3 cities where public transportation may need to be more practical and user-friendly. If you have a limited budget, two-wheelers are the best option. You no longer have to stand in long lines and pay to use the local rail, bus, or metro.

 Two Wheeler

  • Less maintenance: New two-wheelers require less maintenance than cars. Fewer parts on a two-wheeler require maintenance, and it is very inexpensive to do so. Even having your motorcycle maintained and insured incurs modest costs.
  • Less parking space: Motorcycles require less space than automobiles. It is not news that bikes are getting smaller and need less space to be kept inside or outside. The vehicle’s small size makes it incredibly convenient regarding agility and parking space. Finding a parking spot for a new two wheeler requires no additional effort. A two-wheeled vehicle can make your relocation more accessible and practical.
  • Tax exemption on tolls: Are you aware that motorcycles are exempt from paying tolls? It is due to the small size of these vehicles. In addition, they are light and do not reduce the road’s load capacity. Thus, a motorcycle can save money and time if you frequently travel through toll plazas.
  • Improved mileage: Compared to cars, two-wheelers offer superior fuel economy; the average fuel economy of vehicles does not surpass 20 to 25 kilometers per liter of fuel. However, it can be 50 km/liter for two-wheeled vehicles and go maximum to between 80 and 90 km/liter. With the rising cost of petrol, motorcycles may be a lifesaver as many even have reserve fuel feature; they can result in huge savings over the long run.
  • Suitable for Indian road conditions: Two-wheeled vehicles can withstand a greater degree of roughness than automobiles. Given India’s traffic conditions, two-wheelers are safer than other automobiles. Two-wheeled vehicles experience less wear and tear than four-wheeled vehicles. It will minimize the maintenance costs of two-wheeled vehicles relative to those of cars. 
  • Safety Equipment: The increasing demand for new two wheelers has spawned a variety of high-end choices that have been rigorously evaluated for safety. Numerous additions are already available, allowing riders to go at a reasonable pace with the essential safety equipment. If you want to ride your motorcycle at top speed, it is prudent to get safety gear. The wheels are stress-tested and tuned for grip and breadth to enhance speed and safety.
  • Capability to navigate dense traffic: In a country like India, every commuter must develop the ability to maneuver in heavy traffic. Two-wheeled vehicles are far superior to four-wheeled vehicles. Two-wheelers are the only vehicles that can navigate amongst the numerous private cars, buses, and automobiles to reach their destination on time.
  • Comfort of travel: Two-wheeled vehicles are almost as good as automobiles. With a two-wheeler, you can go where you want, take small roads, and get to your destination on time. Because of improved tyre design, you may be able to ride a two-wheeler through potholes and puddles.

Final Words

A new two wheeler is an investment that will serve you for many years. Choosing a well-known two-wheeler brand is essential since you will be sure of receiving a high-quality product. Bajaj Auto is one such brand that offers bikes at different prices and can be owned by riders in all economic categories. You can check out the fantastic Bajaj bike ranges such as Pulsar, Dominar, Avenger, Platina and CT. All these bikes are equipped with highly advanced technology that will give you a high return on investment upon purchase. Bikes are primarily a one-time investment for many Indian families. You can never go wrong with Bajaj, as millions of Indian riders and families have trusted them for years. Visit your nearest Bajaj dealership and invest in a new two wheeler today! 

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