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Why Should You Choose BBA LLB Instead of Regular LLB Course?

For law students, BA LLB is a conventional course. Nowadays, you can also find some other similar courses such as BBA LLB. To pursue such courses, you need to find a reputed college that offers a BBA course in Mumbai. So, what are the differences between BA LLB and BBA LLB? In the following section, those differences are discussed in detail. Reading the differences will help you to select the right course for your future.

Amity University Mumbai is a reputed institution for studying management and law courses. This is one of the rarest institutions in India offering BBA LLB courses to students. Choosing the right college for education is quite important for every student to give the right path to a career.

Course Duration and Eligibility Criteria

Both BBA LLB and BA LLB courses come with a duration of five years. To study for BA LLB, you must complete your 10+2 level education from a recognized higher secondary board in India. Admission criteria are similar for the BBA LLB. However, many B-schools have entrance tests for granting admission to the BBA LLB aspirants. For BA LLB, your entrance tests are not usual. If you have an excellent academic background at the 10+2 level, you will not find a problem pursuing BBA LLB or BA LLB. If you want to pursue a career in law, you must prepare for a long academic journey.

Course Structure and Syllabus

Since the BBA course in Mumbai is a course for those who want to become business administrators, BBA LLB is ideal for those who are interested in business law. Pursuing the course will help you understand business law’s different aspects. At the same time, you will become competent to pursue corporate jobs after the course. You can work as a business law consultant, business administrator, manager of the legal cell of an organization, etc.

BA LLB is a traditional law course that intends to provide a generalized knowledge of Indian law. The course will introduce you to the constitution’s different Indian laws and sections. The course does not make you a specialist lawyer. After completing BA LLB, you can pursue higher studies for specialization. You are always open to other training, and practice programs once you complete your BA LLB. Choosing the right training or practice programs is important to take your career to new heights of success.

Recruitments and Higher Studies

Since BA LLB is not a specialized course, it does not fetch any significant recruitment opportunities. You can practice under experienced lawyers as an intern after the course. After completing BBA LLB, you will find a few career opportunities. You can find corporate jobs, as many companies have their legal cells to maintain legal compliance. You can also apply for business management jobs after your BBA in Mumbai.

Both courses offer many higher studying options to the students. After BBA LLB, you can pursue MBA. For pursuing MBA, you need to prepare for the MBA entrance examinations. After BA LLB, you can study for MA LLB for specialization in a field of law. There are many short-term courses for budding lawyers too. You can pursue those courses and start working as an intern.

To pursue both courses, you need to find a good institution. While you will find many colleges for BBA in Mumbai, the number of colleges offering BBA LLB courses is low. For choosing a college, you need to consider many factors. The most important thing is the reputation of the college. Use Google to find more details about a college before applying for college admission.

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