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Why use ad extensions in Google Ads?

You have just created a keyword buy (SEA) campaign on Google Ads. Enhance your ads by including extensions relevant to your business. What are these extensions? How to use them? Our advice for optimal SEO and measuring the ROI of your campaigns.

Ad extensions in Google Ads make your ads more attractive to people and help you get more clicks. You can improve your cost per click by optimizing your extensions. Put the odds on your side so that they are shown with your ads. Ad extensions are set up at the campaign or ad group level. You can get in touch with Best Google Ads Agency in London

Extensions you can activate depending on your goals:

Sitelink extensions

They allow you to redirect users to specific pages of your website. Integrate short links, adapted to your site with simple descriptions.

You can configure them for the mobile version and program them in the advanced options.

When to use sitelinks:

  • Activate links to a product page when you set up an exceptional promotion on it. You will maximize your chances of converting your leads and making sales online.
  • Introduce links to your service pages to introduce your offer to individuals or companies who do not yet know you.
  • If you want to build a community, insert a link directly to your registration page for visitors to subscribe.

Location extensions

You allow Internet users to communicate about your stores or restaurants and find your addresses more easily with your opening hours.

You also give your customers the opportunity to call you directly to reserve a table, for example.

Note that you can link your Google my Business account to your Adwords account.

Call extensions

They allow you to highlight your phone number. Internet users contact you directly for advice on a product or service, to pre-book a training course or reserve a table in a restaurant, for example. Call Extensions can be combined with Location Extensions for greater efficiency.

The hook extensions

They allow you to highlight key attributes of your company that are not already shown in your ads. You can use them to indicate for example a free delivery for the purchase of a product online on your site or to offer a free audit for example.

Site extracts

They allow you to increase the performance of your ads. You can headline certain aspects of products or services you offer. Lists are predefined by category. For example, you can highlight the different brands of products, the nature of your services, the destinations offered by your travel agency, the courses offered for your training.

These site extracts will allow you to improve the return on investment of your campaigns. Know that you can personalize them and program them at the dates and times of the day.

Application extensions

They allow you to highlight a link to an application on mobile or tablet that you have.

To integrate an app extension, you will need a few essentials to configure either your account or your campaign or ad group:

  • the URL of the application download platform,
  • the name of your application,
  • the “Android” or “IOS” version.

Review Extensions

They allow Internet users to see the favorable opinions obtained from an advertiser. Internet users can thus identify companies that offer quality products or services. There are certain dissemination conditions for Google to display your reviews (collect at least 100 unique reviews in the last 12 months in the country through Google and its partners, Google has done a study of your site and that the average rating must be at least 3.5 stars…).


All of these extensions are optimized automatically, but you can directly measure their performance in your account. You can see which ones increase your CTR or which ones convert the best. Discover what attracts your customers the most and what will allow you to get in touch with new prospects. I suggest that you modify your campaigns already in place on Google Ads and configure your ad extensions according to your objectives in order to optimize your SEO campaigns, keyword purchases (SEA) on Google.

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