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Why You Should Ditch Your Plastic Shower Curtain for a Fabric One

You’ve probably bought more than one plastic shower curtain in your lifetime, and it’s also likely that you’ll buy at least one more before you die. The problem with these cheap shower curtains is they can cost you much more in the long run because of what they leach into your environment, even after they’re recycled or thrown out. If you want to reduce the negative impact plastic shower curtains have on the environment, consider making the switch to fabric liners instead. Here are four good reasons why you should ditch your plastic shower curtain for a fabric one.

Rethink how you use your shower

Newer shower designs are very different from older, single-piece models that most of us are used to. These new models are generally made of glass and separated into multiple panels that can be used separately or together depending on your needs. Liners and curtains can help you duschdraperistång the use of your new bathroom space while giving you options in terms of which parts of your shower to use and when. Think beyond traditional shower curtains when shopping for liners; instead, consider fabric ones that hang from a drapery rod. Also, make sure you find shower curtain hooks that work with your liner.

How To Choose a Fabric Liner

How To Choose a Fabric Liner

When choosing a fabric shower curtain, consider how you want to use it. If you’re planning on using your liner in lieu of plastic liners or if you plan to hang your liner from hooks along a shower rod, then look for something that’s machine washable—plastic shower curtains can be cleaned in place by wiping them down every time you shower. However, if you prefer something that requires washing less frequently and doesn’t mind dry cleaning once in a while (or ever), then consider buying something that is hung from loops instead of hooks. Additionally, it’s important to look at color and print options because having bold colors and patterns can help turn an otherwise boring bathroom into an inviting oasis.

How Do I Remove the Old One?

Removing an old plastic shower curtain from your shower wall can be pretty difficult if you’re not doing it correctly. Most people will grab onto each end of the plastic curtain and try to pull it down, but doing so causes most of it to rip off at once, leaving lots of duschdraperistång vinkel behind. The best way to remove your old plastic shower curtain is by cutting it away with a utility knife. If you want to learn how to follow along in today’s post. I’ll demonstrate how simple and secure it is!

How Do I Install The New One?

How Do I Install The New One?

If you’ve purchased your shower curtain liner from The Container Store, installation is simple. All you’ll need is 1) a drill, 2) a 3/8-inch drill bit, 3) a screwdriver and 4) a wire brush. These instructions are designed to guide you through installing our shower curtain rod; however, they are meant only as general guidelines. Specific measurements and layout of your space may require slight alterations of these steps to ensure proper installation. If you need additional assistance or have questions, please contact us! For more information about how to properly install your shower rod, view our installation video here.

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