Why You Should Hire a TV Mounting Service in Australia 

Televisions are high-utility devices used for both entertainment and information. They are commonly found everywhere, from homes and offices to malls and pubs in Australia. Did you know that almost 20 million Australians watch at least some type of free or subscription TV? That is how popular the appliance is in the consumer market.

Being a staple appliance in any home, you might think it is pretty easy mounting a TV on your wall? With flat-screen TVs available now, you can literally mount them anywhere. However, there are reasons why you should not DIY TV wall mounting Sydney or Australia in general. Instead, it is useful to hire a TV mounting service in Australia. 

DIY Electrical Work is Illegal in Australia 

According to the Australian Electrical Safety Act 2002, any electrical work refers to the manufacturing and construction of electrical pieces. It also encompasses all maintenance, installation, removal, alteration, repair, or replacement of the electrical equipment. 

Now, essential electrical work such as charging a light bulb or plugging appliances in and out are allowed and mandatory in daily lives. These are safe to perform and thus do not fall under legal boundaries. 

However, DIY electrical work, like:

  • Installation of power points 
  • Repairing any appliances 
  • Replacing plug ends 
  • Replacing light switches or fittings 

Now TV wall mounting in Sydney, Canberra, or any other parts of Australia, might not strictly fall under legal obligations because of its simplicity. However, it is still better to hire a licensed tradesperson for the installation. In Australia, you have to pay a fine if reasonable steps are not taken to ensure risk-free work. 

TVs Are Expensive 

Televisions are expensive appliances, and Aussies spend thousands of dollars on a new ones. It doesn’t matter if you bought your TV during Green Monday, Black Friday, or Australian Day. It will still cost a good amount of money. In fact, with various innovations coming into the market, some models may cost even higher than $1000. 

Therefore, buying a TV is no child’s play but rather a serious investment. After spending a lot of money, do you really want to risk damaging your new TV? This is probably the last thing you want. 

However, without the proper experience and expertise, you might scratch or damage your TV screen while mounting.

You Can Get Injured 

Mounting a heavy appliance, such as a TV, is not for everyone. Do you know how many Australians need to be admitted for hospital treatment due to injuries caused by furniture and TV toppling and dropping? The number is around three thousand a year. 

There was even a report in 2001 that stated that about 22 children died from televisions toppling over. Therefore, if you do not mount it correctly, it can cause severe damage to your family. 

How to Hire the Right TV Mounting Service 

Of course, the right TV wall mounting Sydney service should have: 

  • A proper Australian trade license 
  • A certificate of compliance 

Also, make sure that you receive the certificate of compliance within thirty days of the mounting work. Without it, you will not be able to make any claims to your insurance company should any damage occur later. 

If the TV mounting service does not provide you with the certificate, you need to reach out to the Office of the Technical Regulator in Australia. 


Remember that it is essential to leave the mounting and installation work to the professionals. You may feel like saving money on a seemingly simple task, but the cost could be much higher in the long run. Is it really worth damaging your expensive TV and getting your children hurt or even die? 

Also, you might end up in trouble with the insurance and the Australian government should any issues occur. Hiring a professional mounting service can save you from all this hassle, and you can just sit back and enjoy a relaxing match on a Sunday. So, the next time you feel like doing the mounting and installation yourself, don’t.  


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