Why You Should Wear The Opal Jewelry

Opal is a gemstone that has a connection with Planet Venus, which has an association with the energies of love

Opal is one of the most elegant gemstones and has been appreciated for its appearance and magical properties. Opal is derived from the Sanskrit language and is counted among the most valuable gemstone in the world. Now, opals are mostly found in Australia as it is the national gemstone of this country. To learn more about this gemstone, read the entire blog.

Opals and their love connection

Opal is a gemstone that has a connection with Planet Venus, which has an association with the energies of love. So, Opal Jewelry is excellent for gifting to your soulmates. Husbands can surprise their wives by giving them the opals. It will have two benefits. First, she will become happy as she would look pretty after wearing it. Secondly, it will bring the energy of love to strengthen the relationship. Moreover, the single one can wear this gemstone, as it helps find the true soulmate in their life.

Wards off the negative energy

This Gemstone is worn by many kings and queens in their crowns and in jewelry forms to keep the evil eyes away. It is said that they have the power to keep the negative energies away and bring positive vibes into life. Even Queen Victoria wore the necklace and earrings made with Opal crystals to keep her Queensland safe. In addition, she gifted these crystals to her five daughters to safeguard their life.

Styling with opals

You can wear these gemstones regularly if you want the benefits; otherwise, these gemstones can be worn occasionally for fashion purposes. The play of color is unmatchable, and this is the reason that a multi-color Opal Ring or pendant can be worn on any color of outfit. Although, if you want to match the stone’s color with the contrasting color of your dress, then this gemstone is available in the shades of pink, blue, yellow, orange, black, white, colorless, multi-color, and sometimes in green as well. From business events to the red carpets, an opal pendant or necklace can do wonders, enhancing the grace.

Opal formation and why they need care

When you are buying the opal, then you have to be careful about the gemstone. This gemstone was formed between the mountains when the water was evaporated, and only silica was left behind. It took around 5 million years to form these gemstones; they are composed of silica and have water up to 12%, which makes them fragile and requires care.

So, it would be best if you will be careful while wearing this gemstone, as it should not get in contact with any hard metal. Otherwise, it could be scratched or damaged. Also, it should not be kept under direct sunlight for more than half an hour. Otherwise, the original color would fade away. After wearing it, wash the stone with water, clean it with a soft cloth, and then put the stone covered under the damp cloth in a separate box. Moreover, keep it inside, where sunlight doesn’t come in contact with it.

In addition, this stone can be recharged by keeping it under the moonlight. So, you can keep the jewelry near the window, where the moonlight falls upon the stone. Then, the next day, the stone would be shining back, as you have recently bought it.

Buying the opal jewelry

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