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Will Using a Quilt Help You Sleep Better?

Before we only have blankets to keep us warm during chilly nights. Now, we need to make a choice between blankets, comforters, quilts, and throws. What are all these? When was a simple blanket not enough? Well, necessity is the mother of invention. These linens were made and manufactured because there is a need for them and they are helping some people sleep better.

If you think a quilt is what will help you sleep better, it is best that you know first what is a quilt. A quilt consists of three layers, the top layer, batting, and bottom layer. What makes the quilt unique is the top layer which is usually made of patchworks or a monochromatic grid. The inside batting or the quilt’s fill is comprised of wool. Polyester while the bottom layer is usually a single piece of fabric that does not match the quilt’s top layer.

If you are a hot sleeper

People who sleep hot prefer quilts. Because they only want something light to provide a little extra insulation when and if the middle of the night suddenly turned colder than expected. They are lighter than comforters and prevent sleepers from feeling hot while sleeping which could result in disturbed sleep. If you sleep hot but still prefer to have some sort of coverage while you sleep, a quilt is recommended.

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If you are concerned about your bedroom’s aesthetic

There are some people who could not sleep or relax well if their surroundings or bedroom are messy or not giving them the “vibe”, they are looking for. They would spend hours lying down and staring at the ceiling or the walls trying to figure out what they could refurbish. If you are the same, using a quilt could be an easy and economical solution to update your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Quilts are incredibly attractive and can change any bed or bedroom’s look in an instant. There are varied styles and designs of a super king quilt cover that could give your bedroom a different look. A quilt can give a bedroom a new rustic style or bohemian feel or just something brighter to liven it up. They could also provide a quick revamp when you drape them across a couch.

You can sleep better since they are compact

If you don’t just sleep in your bedroom and sometimes find yourself wanting to sleep in the living room or your home office. A quilt will help you sleep better. Since they are thinner and lighter in weight. This makes them compact and easier for you to transfer and bring whenever you want to sleep in a different place.

Quilts are also easier to maintain and clean since they could fit in the most washing machines that you don’t need to get it professionally cleaned. Storing them is also easier since they are less bulky and could be stored in most linen cabinets.

Check these choices if you want to make your bedroom cozier for sleep.

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