Window cleaners: essential professional products

Window maintenance is essential in the world of work.

Window maintenance is essential in the world of work. Clean, streak-free windows reflect the desire to give a professional image that inspires confidence. In addition, they contribute to the well-being of people by allowing light to penetrate inside. To ensure optimal cleaning, it is essential to use effective glass cleaners and to adopt good practices.


Summary :

  • Which product to clean the windows?
  • What are some tips for cleaning windows like a pro?
  • Basic cleaning equipment:
  • The cleaning steps
  • Window washing techniques
  • French window cleaning
  • American window cleaning
  • Scandinavian window cleaning

What window cleaning products should I use to clean windows? What are the best ways to clean windows?

The windows are subject to different external and internal aggressions: dust and fine particles, rainwater, fingerprints, pollen, pollution, etc. To have shiny and streak-free windows that keep their original appearance throughout their life, they must be cleaned regularly with a suitable professional glass product,  quality glass maintenance equipment and an efficient technique.

Which product to clean the windows?

Whatever its formula, the professional glass cleaner cleans and remove grease and can be packaged in a can, bottle, spray or wipe. Some of these detergents may have additional actions: anti-dust, anti-mark, anti-limescale, anti-drip, water-repellent.

We can classify glass cleaners as follows.

  • Ready-to-use or concentrated glass products , to be diluted in solution.
    Example:  Window cleaner 5L container.
  • Multi-purpose detergents for glass and modern surfaces (glass, mirror, windscreen, chrome, aluminum, enamel, etc.).
    Example:  Ecological disinfectant for windows and surfaces. 
  • Alcohol-based window products to make windows shine.
    Example:  Denatured industrial alcohol 95° multifunction canister of 5 L
  • Ammonia-based window cleaners for cleaning greasy windows.
    Example:  Concentrated ammonia detergent 5 L 
  • Window cleaning products which contain surfactants of vegetable origin, respectful of the environment and your health. and disinfect windows and surfaces.
  • Natural window products for those who wish to limit the use of chemicals: liquid black soap, white vinegar, Marseille soap, baking soda.

What are some tips for cleaning windows like a pro?

Basic cleaning equipment:

  • Professional glass cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Microfiber moistener
  • Window squeegee
  • Window washer bucket
  • Telescopic pole for window cleaning at height in complete safety while remaining on the ground
  • Natural chamois leather

    The cleaning steps
  • Dust the glass and the frame with a microfiber, starting with the exterior face.
  • Immerse the moistener in the bucket containing the glass cleaner and rub.
  • If the window has raised spots (crushed insects, paint, tape, etc.), remove them using a scraper.
  • Scrape the glass (see the different techniques presented below).
  • Wipe the drips on the window frames with a microfiber cloth . For a perfect finish, pass the chamois leather , it makes the windows shine.

Window washing techniques

There are mainly three window washing techniques when using a squeegee.

French window cleaning

  • Scrub all around the window, from bottom to top.
  • Continue by making spiral movements on the central part of the glass, starting from the bottom upwards.
  • Pass the squeegee from top to bottom and from left to right, over approximately 3/4 of the surface.
  • Clean the squeegee with each pass.
  • Pass the squeegee horizontally over the remaining surface.
  • Wipe the squeegee blade between each pass with the microfiber and repeat the operation until the scraped surface is dry.

NB: if you use a combined squeegee dampener, the dampener is held under the squeegee; it follows its movement and immediately collects the drippings.

American window cleaning

  • Rub the entire surface with the wetter.
  • Scrape without lifting the squeegee, starting from the left edge to the right edge, then from right to left to the left edge; draw “S” horizontally and go down as you go, making sure to always straddle the previous strip.

Scandinavian window cleaning

Very similar to the American technique, this method consists of performing vertical “S” movements, from top to bottom, starting from the top left corner to finishing at the bottom right corner.

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