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Write an essay on the history of the exam

Write an essay

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First of all, we should say that strict adherence to the prescribed format. And a careful study of the task itself is very helpful. To understand what the developers want from you, read EVERYTHING In The Task. Do not hurry! From my own experience, I can say that after reading the essay topics for the first time. It is very likely that key points and requirements are missing.

In this task, they offer 3 time periods to choose from. Which coincides with important time periods in the history of Russia. You need to write an essay about it. That exposes several events in your work and the role of historical figures in them, which you can choose yourself. You get the following time intervals:

(1964-1982); (1855-1881); (1237-1242).

The peculiarity is that someone will immediately check for knowledge of dates and time periods in history. Without this knowledge, you cannot understand which personalities and events belong to the individual segments. Since apart from these dates you have nothing else. My first advice to you. In 95% of the cases, they will offer 3 periods of time exactly according to this principle. And you have to remember as a mantra:

1 period – the rule of the Rurikovich (+ period of trouble)

2nd period – the reign of the Romanovs

3 period -XX century.

And only the remaining 5% make up the probability that you will be given the beginning of the 21st century in one of the segments. And you should not forget that when preparing for the exam. The complexity of this task is also due to the fact that options were introduced. Last year in which segments are marked with certain months, beyond which it is not possible to go. Example: October 1917 – December 1922.

II writing format

At this point, the Commissioners should not expect to pay particular attention to the use of various clichés or peculiarities of writing, but rather that there are a number of general recommendations for each of the paragraphs. There are a total of 5 of them, which we will now analyze in detail according to the criteria.

The first paragraph should start with the sentence: “The analyzed period is very important in the history of Russia.” It will ask very little of you here: Simply enter 2 events/processes (preferably with reference to a specific date) that fit into the scope of the period, without detailed disclosure. Bottom line – 1 criterion is already in your pocket!

Paragraph 2 should disclose the roles of two historical figures in connection with the above events. The algorithm is as follows: 1 person – one role in 1 event; 2nd person – a role in the 2nd event. In this step, the students will face the difficulty of interpreting the concept of the “role in an event” themselves. In fact, everything is very simple. The role of an individual in an event is basically his or her specific actions (orders, command of troops, negotiations, etc.) that influence. And those are directly related to that event. For example, Peter I’s role in the Battle of Poltava was to give orders to the troops. And, under his direct command, the Russian army defeated the Swedes.

Paragraph 3 is the hardest point, and now we’re going to find out why. It requires that you indicate two causal links within the selected time period. What does that mean? You have to take 2 more new (!) Events (process, phenomenon) and state the other 2 events that influenced them and state the cause-and-effect relationship. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Although in reality, everything is very simple! An illustrative example. We take the 10th Congress of the RCP (b) 1921 as an event and point out. It directly influenced the replacement of the policy of “war communism” with the policy of the “NEP”. It displays the causal relationship and the score is back in your pocket!

Paragraph 4 should contain a historical assessment of the importance of the period based on fact or relevant opinion. You have 2 options. You assess the importance of the period in general, “throw” facts into the text of its effects on other events (in this context you can go beyond the upper limits of the period and its effects on future events). Or you memorize and state the opinions of famous historians for all epochs in advance. In this regard, one can quote such authoritative historians as Klyuchevsky, Solovyov, and Karamzin.

With the 5th paragraph, you close the entire essay. With the classic “The importance of this period for the history of Russia is not to be overestimated because of …”. And another point!

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