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Writer’s block? 13 Optimization Tips for amazing content (2022)

The general rule:

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to writer’s block. In some cases, it can therefore make sense to use the ideas that have already worked successfully.

Many blocks arise so you should actually make the keyboard glow in the middle of the writing process,

Because we frequently lose track of time when writing and fail to realize how long we have really been sitting at the computer, these writer’s blocks are frequently the consequence of missing breaks. And our brains need a break every now and then.

Unfortunately, however, it is not always sufficient to solve writer’s block with a short break if. Other measures and steps are often required. Mostly due to the possibility of blocks occurring at the start of a sentence.

In this section, I’ll give you the best tips to get rid of blockages during the process of content writing for SEO.

Because one thing is certain:

Even if your preparation is exemplary, such writer’s block can occur.

1.  Always start with the headline to overcome writer’s block

If you want to write great blog articles or texts, you should always start with the headline.

Don’t write them while you’re writing the body of your blog post. Or, even worse, when the text is already finished.

But why this order?

Very easily:

Your headline is a promise to the reader. It outlines the advantage that the reader will receive from your blog post or text.

And there lies the problem:

It’s difficult to fulfill a promise you haven’t made yet.

This can make your article look vague, lack a common thread, or make you have to adjust your article afterward to find a headline.

2.  Make big promises in the headline

The headline isn’t just a promise to your readers about what to expect in your article or text.

It is also a promise to yourself.

If you promise a lot in the headline, you will also have more motivation to deliver a lot and will not run into writing problems in the first place.

3.  Just start content writing for SEO

We frequently spend much too much time worrying about potential issues and concerns that may arise when writing the content.

We face problems and we worry about them a lot. However, the majority of these possible issues fix themselves rather quickly.

Therefore, an important tip is:

Just start writing.

Before creating a piece, don’t fret about prospective issues; only address them after they really occur.

4.  Write first, correct later

When writing, it is extremely important to get into the “flow”.

This flow (writing flow) can only arise if you concentrate on writing and don’t let yourself be distracted.

You don’t have to correct a sentence ASAP, keep writing, and when you are done, you can correct it.

Spelling mistakes, weak wording, or incorrect grammar don’t matter in the first draft.

The optimization and correction follow afterward. This is not a problem, but a targeted process.

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