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Yoga Poses That Can Help You to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Yoga is among the oldest methods to stop your body from becoming afflicted with various diseases. Yoga is an exercise that’s been practiced for thousands of years to prevent various diseases that attack our bodies. Yoga is an effective method of exercise that can help you live a healthy life for as long as would like. It is also important to be following a healthy diet plan as well as Yoga. If you’re unable to stick to the correct diet, you should consult the top dietetics expert in Lahore. There are solutions to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

But, Yoga might be the best way to avoid it, and not give you an aftershock of negative adverse negative effects. Thus it is not surprising that many ED-affected individuals have tried this approach to get back to a normal life again and it was successful for the majority of their cases. There are medicines such as Cenforce 100 and liquid viagra gel to get rid of ED.

In this article, we’ll discuss the five most amazing Yoga postures that are believed to treat Erectile Dysfunction.


The most effective method to describe Paschimottanasana is to refer to it as a seated forward bend. This amazing asana can help you enhance your endurance by getting rid of erectile dysfunction and strengthening your muscle (muscles that control erectile rigidity). This pose can reduce the problem and delay your ejaculation time by contracting the same muscles before your orgasm.


  • Sit up straight. Bring your legs together, then stretch.
  • Your feet should be pointed toward the ceiling.
  • Breathe deeply and raise your arms to the ceiling.
  • Breathe in and keep your spine straight while you move towards your toes.
  • Keep your thumb in the toe using your index finger and thumb and bend your forehead toward the knees.
  • Keep your position in place for 20 minutes.


Kumbhakasana when done correctly will increase your endurance and stamina on the bed. Do this practice every day, and you’ll be able to feel the increase in your stamina and strength of your upper body when you are having sexual activities. Below are some steps.


  • Lay down on your back with your stomach on the floor.
  • Place your hands on your face. Then move your feet in the direction that your toes are off of the ground.
  • Pull your body upwards using your hands, and then let your buttocks float in the air.
  • Keep the position for the longest you can. Keep in mind that the legs must remain parallel to the floor.
  • Return to your normal position.


According to the name in this yoga position, you are posing like an oar. This posture helps increase the production of sexual hormones. This is the ideal posture for people who don’t feel sexually energetic. This posture will allow you to feel more energetic and relaxed. This particular yoga posture will strengthen your hips, buttocks, and thighs, as well as other muscles. The asana can also strengthen your pelvic muscles. You can stay longer on your mattress by doing this pose.


  • Lay down flat.
  • Keep your arms beside your body.
  • Make sure your feet are together
  • Inhale and exhale slowly, but gradually.
  • Lift your shoulders off the floor, while your stomach is on the ground.
  • Additionally, you should lift your feet simultaneously.
  • Lift your arms and keep your legs in place with them.
  • Stay in this position for five to ten minutes.
  • Exhale slowly, slowly coming back to your normal position.


This is yet another amazing yoga posture that has assisted in the fight against premature ejaculation and the cause of erectile dysfunction. This pose can give you an even more intense orgasm and possibly the one you’ve ever had. There is numerous asana to assist with ED. However, none is effective, as Dhanurasana in any way. These are steps for this yoga posture.


  • Sit down on your stomach with your stomach pressed against the floor.
  • Keep your feet wide apart.
  • Put your arms in a gentle position and close to your sides.
  • When you exhale, bring your knees inwards and then secure your ankles.
  • Take your shoulders off of the ground while exhaling.
  • Lift your legs upwards and down and then turn your head toward the future.
  • You should hold your posture for between 15 and 20 minutes. Release your ankles gently and return to the original position.


This is a posture in yoga that is referred to by the name of raised leg posture. It will help you in offering a challenging exercise. Additionally, it could stimulate the quads and gluts. This could help you keep a long time in a seated position. It also helps stretch your hip flexor and psoas muscles, which increase the circulation of blood in the pelvic region. It can also assist you in getting a sexual erection.


  • Lay with your body flat and back.
  • Keep your hands close to the sides.
  • Then, put the heels on top of each other.
  • Raise your legs to a 30-degree angle while you inhale.
  • Now, lift your head off the floor while completing the final step.
  • Maintain this posture for four to five minutes.
  • Return your legs to the floor.
  • Repeat the exercise with your legs, however with the angle at sixty degrees this time.
  • Stay in this posture for a few minutes and then let go.

These are the best methods to fight erectile dysfunction by using Yoga the old Indian method. You can try them and get rid of ED without the negative chemicals that are associated with medicines. You can choose Vidalista 20 and Tadalista 60 as well to solve your ED issues.

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